Siege of Centauri Beta 3 Adds Player Creation, Endless Mode and More

Published: August 25, 2019 11:00 AM /



PC tower defense game Siege of Centauri has been updated, entering Beta 3 and bringing additions on a large and small scale. This title takes place in the same universe as Stardock Entertainment's Ashes of the Singularity. Stardock Entertainment is also the developer and publisher of this title. Siege of Centauri tasks players with preserving humanity’s first interstellar colony, under the onslaught of alien forces.

Expanding this experience, Beta 3's largest additions are a scenario editor and endless mode, while new towers, enemies and upgrades have also been added. On the release of the new beta phase lead designer Derek Paxton had the following to say:

It's always been important for us here at Stardock to put customization into the hands of the players, beta 3's scenario workshop does exactly that: it lets people who have always wanted to design their own tower defense games create their own maps and missions.
Missions created within this scenario workshop can be shared with other players and a Modder’s Guide is available to teach players how to use this tool. The endless mode, reportedly much-requested, will provide players with new and diverse challenges, placing them in fresh maps and throwing wave upon wave of enemies upon them. Both the scenario editor and endless mode are fitting additions to a tower defense title, adding extensive mileage for players.

This Beta is the latest progression in the Early Access program, in which Stardock have continually updated and refined the game as per player feedback - a process which has apparently proven rewarding according to Paxton.

Beta updates and community feedback are a critical part of Stardock's development process, we've been really happy with how the fans have helped shape this game.
Siege of Centauri is available on Steam and the Stardock official site. Steam reviews are ‘mostly positive,’ most reviewers deeming this title a solid tower defense title. Critical users have taken aim at the game's adherence to the genre, rarely exceeding a standard tower defense experience and brief run-time. Beta 3 addresses each of these to an extent, providing new tools and foes, and greatly increasing available content, between player creation and the endless mode. Given the mere $9.99 USD price and the ongoing development, Siege of Centauri is a promising title and one to watch.

Have you tried out Siege of Centauri in Early Access? Do you think Early Access helps or hinders a game’s development? Let us know in the comments below!

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Sam Gohra
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