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Show your True Colors with the Overwatch League Away Skins, Now Available

December 12, 2018

By: Robert N. Adams

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Overwatch League Away Skins are now available, giving players even more options for representing their favorite teams in the game.

The Overwatch League is ramping up towards the start of its second season in February of 2019. Eight new expansion teams have been added, bringing the total number of competing organizations up to 20. Part of the fun is the ability to buy the team's skins in-game and the addition of Overwatch League Away Skins has just added a bit more value to those purchases.


Teams in the Overwatch League are represented in-game with special skins that have their team colors as well as the team's logo somewhere on the skin. These are used in all instances of professional play, and the Overwatch League had smartly made these available for purchase.

Team skins for the Overwatch League teams are purchased for 100 League Tokens apiece. 100 League Tokens can be purchased for $4.99 or you can get larger packages with increasingly better values, all the way up to the biggest package of 2,600 League Tokens at the price of $99.99. Essentially, you should consider each individual team skin to be valued at around five bucks. The addition of Overwatch League Away Skins has just doubled what you get for your money.


Any purchases of skins will automatically award players the matching Overwatch League Away Skins. For example, if you've bought a Florida Mayhem Roadhog skin, you now own both the Home and Away versions of the skin. The availability of these skins will apply retroactively and will also automatically be granted for all future purchases. This includes the eight new teams that are joining the Overwatch League next year whose skins have not yet been made available for purchase.

If you've been hesitating on picking up one of these skins, you now have one more incentive to grab them. You can get your hands on Overwatch League Away Skins with the purchase of any Home skin right now. If you're a real die-hard fan, you might want to check out the very first regular season home games taking place in Dallas next year.


What do you think of the addition of Overwatch League Away Skins? Does the addition of a second skin to each purchase make it a better value in your eyes? Let us know in the comments below!


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