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Hello everyone, and if you're reading this, I am currently hiding in a bunker from the radiation spread over the land known as Fallout 4. It has already claimed the lives of my roommates and is not doubt spreading further as we speak. I am afraid, and also quite poor. So while I we wait out this Game of the Year level apocolypse wherein every other game seems to disappear into the ether, let us enjoy the underground vault of video game sales before the nuclear wasteland takes us into the mild-by-comparison Just Cause hype. (If this seems dramatic, it's only because I'm bitter that I didn't get work off this week to play it much). So welcome to Shoestring Gaming, and here are the deals of the week. Remember, TechRaptor makes money off some of your clicks, and most of these deals are for a limited time only. Unfortunately, these stores do not accept bottlecaps, but they also are likely not completely riddled with bugs.


Let's start with Steam this time, to keep you guys on your toes. Oddly enough, there isn't any specific large sale going on this weekend, but there are quite a few smaller sales, in addition to the plethora of things that are just on sale for the hell of it. The publisher sale of the week is for Klei, best known for Don't Starve. You can get all their games on sale this week to celebrate their tenth anniversary, such as the titular gothic Minecraft, along with Crypt of the NecrodancerShank, and Invisible IncOr if you just want to pick up all the titles, you can get their bundle for $30. If you're looking for something a little more sophisticated, their other weekend sale is for I Am Bread and Goat Simulator, to celebrate their new DLC Goatbread, a clear work of art. You can also pick up a Bossa Studios bundle, which includes not only I Am Bread, but Surgeon Simulator 2013 and Anniversary Content. Lastly, of the highlighted sales, you can get the Early Access planetary survival game Grav for 66% off. Conspicuously absent from the front page is the enormous sale on Valve games—up to 75% off classic Valve titles including Portal and Half-Life 2. Plus Spec Ops: The LineBorderlands 2The Stanley Parable, and as usual a ton of other games, the majority of them worth the full price but why pay the full price when they're on sale right now. 

[caption id="attachment_62233" align="aligncenter" width="660"]GoatBread Seems to make sense to me.[/caption]

On to GreenManGaming, who would like to remind you that Fallout 4 has been released, in case you were not aware. You can get that game now. I'm certain that you may have missed the release date for such an unknown title had they not pointed it out. 

fallout 4 is out guys
Hey guys did you know Fallout 4 is out?

After you're through organizing the intervention for Bethesda's marketing department, you will notice there are a lot of sales on non-Fallout 4 titles that you may also enjoy. Many of these being sales on pre-orders for titles like Just Cause 3Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six SiegeStar Wars Battlefront, and Assassin's Creed Syndicate. If you have sworn to not sign the blood oath of the pre-order, you can buy many other titles up front. The sale of the week is Deep Space Deals, which if you didn't guess is all about games set in space, including Stasis, DaikatanaEVE Online content, and of course Deus Ex titles The new release Anno 2205 is on sale, also set in space, though not listed as a Deep Space Deal. Plus The Last Federation and it's DLC, Keebles, and Goat Simulator, which may also be a Deep Space Game depending on your interpretation. 


Moving on to GOG, which has not been re-purposed as a billboard for that new AAA game I forgot the name of, but is instead being used as a billboard for every bundle you could ever wish for. It's all part of the Big Fall Finale, which includes several bundles along with individual sales. On individual games you have The Witcher 3Pillars of EternityNever Alone, and way too many others to list. Not wanting to miss the Fallout train, there is a bundle on Fallout games available—$10 for Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics. There are also bundles for Prince of Persia, classic shooters like F.E.A.R.MYST, retro Bethesda shooters like QuakeUltima, and many other bundles. And you can either buy the whole back or buy the games individually, still on sale. To actually going down and list every game on GOG's sale would be an article in itself so go check it out. 

[caption id="attachment_58816" align="aligncenter" width="587"]witcher 3 hearts of stone Heart of Stone, also on sale.[/caption]

Speaking of bundles, what's up with everyone's favorite bundle stop? At the time of writing, there actually isn't a new regular Humble Bundle out, likely to roll out the red carpet for the Humble Bundle Monthly that was recently released. To give you a taste, for those who didn't subscribe originally, the games releases for November include Saints Row IV, Besiege, Valkyria Chronicles, Lethal League, Sanctuary RPG, Towerfall: Ascension, and Legend of Grimrock II (which was an instant download for anyone who signed up prior to the November release). Pretty good lineup and now you can sign up to get the December bundle, and instantly unlock Towerfall: Ascension. The Weekly Bundle is Made in Singapore, showcasing games made by developers located in, well, Singapore. Proceeds go to Community Chest Singapore, which helps distribute funds to charities all over Singapore benefiting children and adults with disabilities.

Over at the Humble Store, Humble Bundle celebrates their second birthday with lots and lots of sales. Their premier sale is for Square Enix titles like HitmanDeus Ex, and Tomb Raider (including classic Tomb Raider). There are many more individual games on sale too, like Cities: SkylinesThe Witcher 3, and the Dead Rising Franchise Pack. And a lot of others, all benefiting the charity of your choice (or their choice, if you have no preference). What a better way to celebrate a birthday. 


Now, consoles. Xbox One you can get Never Alone and Lords of the Fallen for a significant discount if you are a member of Xbox Gold—Lords of the Fallen appears to be more than 50% off. Playstation is having a Koei Tecmo sale, with up to 60% off on a ton of games, including Dead or Alive 5 and Ninja Gaiden 3. And Nintendo ... actually has a few sales going on for some downloadable games, which means it is probably a full moon. 

So, let Dogmeat take over a little bit and pick up some games on sale while they last. As always, let us know if you get any of these deals or if you know of some other great deals going on around the web. 

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