Shoestring Gaming – Cyber Monday Continues

Published: December 5, 2015 11:00 AM /


shoestring gaming

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many places extending that for the week, are over, so surely there can't be too many deals out there right? Well, some places still have their Cyber Monday stuff going on so we can tap into that. The Game Awards also just happened and plenty of outlets are using that as an excuse to have a sale. As always, TechRaptor may receive some money off some of the links below if you then choose to purchases something from that link.

Amazon still has plenty of Cyber Monday stuff going on. You can get Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on PS4 for $25 or on Xbox One for $20. If you're interested in some sports sims, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is on sale for $35. The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition is on sale currently for $30. Metal Gear Solid V is still on sale as well for $35 (we really enjoyed the game). If you're looking for a controller for either your PC or 360, you can get a wireless 360 controller for $35 (note: to get this to connect to your PC you will need a wireless receiver, which is sold separately). 

There's quite a few more on Amazon so here they are:

Of course, there are many many more deals on Amazon, so here's a link to start looking.

GOG is currently in the middle of their Big Winter Sale. Right now you can pay $3 and get a "Mystery Game" if you'd like. The value of the game is guaranteed to be anywhere for $10 to $35. Also, if spend $5 in the sale, you will get a free copy of Divine Divinity. If you spend $50, you get a free copy of Blackguards. The deals will be constantly changing daily, with many new bundles coming and going. Make sure to check the site often for a deal you're looking for.

Of course, make sure to check out TechRaptor's GameFanShop for plenty of deals and don't forget to use the code Raptorean for an additional discount. There are always plenty of deals going on there. The same goes for TechRaptor's Games Republic. Be sure to check out the deals.

On to consoles and the Playstation Store is having a Game Awards sale where some of the nominees have some sort of discount attached to them. They are also having a Disney Day sale on plenty of Disney games, most seem to be attached to their films. Other than that there are some other deals scattered here on the store. Xbox of course has its Deals with Gold still ongoing, so make sure to check that out. Some of the games on sale are Guacamelee, Darksiders series, and more. And the Nintendo Store has a few offers on smaller games as well.

If the recent Steam Sale did not satisfy you somehow, there are still quite a few games on sale at the moment. Currently, the Weekend deals are on Besiege for $6 and Bound by Flame at 80% off for $6. Steam is also having their own Game Awards sale where some of the nominees are on sale, so make sure to check that out as there are plenty of other games on sale too.

That about wraps it up, but if you run across some great deals leave them in the comments below!


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