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What's up everyone, welcome back to Shoestring Gaming, where as the name implies we find the best deals for those of you gaming with minimal cash to spare. This includes deals from Steam, console, online, and even free indie titles for you to try. This week we're trying something a little different: if you want to read about the best deals, coupons, bundles, and all the very special deals specifically for those of you with the patience to read, continue forward. However, if you're looking for a game to pick up quickly and easily, below you'll find quick links to games and their discounts all across the web. Keep in mind the sales in the table below are only for games on sale for at least 50% off because otherwise there would be far too many to list. Now here is what is on sale or for special purchase this week.

GreenManGaming is currently promoting simulation games with their Create Your World sale. While researching this article it was actually surprising just how many scenarios can be simulated in a video game, but if that is your thing, you can get them for as much as 50% off at GMG this week. You can also get a special Sim Bundle for 33% off that includes Farm Machines Championship 2014, Car Mechanic Simulator, Helicopter Simulator 2014, and Construction Machines 2014. Also for a limited time at GMG you can pre-order the Final Fantasy V PC port for 10% off. All of these GreenManGaming offers do require Steam, but there's a pretty good likelihood if you're reading this that you have Steam, so no need to worry. Also check their front page for their newest coupon code. is having tons of sales this week, the best of which are listed below. Tons of indie games for up to 80% off, including incredibly popular titles like Among the Sleep, Papers, Please, and To the Moon. On top of that you can still get 15% of your pre-order of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone DLC and 10% of your pre-order of SOMAAlong with the sales listed in the table, there are a lot more sales that don't quite hit the 50% off cut off but still qualify as great deals, such as Kholat for 40% off or Kerbal Space Program for 33% off.

Also listed below are deals from GamersGate, and sales at Amazon for a variety of XCOM games, to celebrate the release of XCOM 2. And as always make sure to check out TechRaptor's own GameFanShop where you can get tons of games for far below their market price, and use the coupon code Raptorean

Onto Humble Bundle. Right now, the main Humble Bundle is all about Total War. You can get a ton of Total War games for only $15, and you'll be donating your money to a good cause. This time proceeds from your purchase will go towards Special Effect, The Royal Surrey County Hospital, Willow, Walking with the Wounded, or Boon Total War: AttilaLott's Elephant Sanctuary. On the Weekly Bundle, you can get a collection of games made using the GameMaker, plus get GameMaker: Studio Pro for yourself to make your own game. Those proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.

Also, apparently Humble Bundle has its very own game store. Right now you can get Dungeons 2 for 50% off, Magicka 2 for 33% off, or you can pre-order SOMA from there for 10% off. There's a lot more sales than that, many of which you can find elsewhere, but unlike other places, Humble Bundle will donate 10% of your total purchase to Charity: Water or you can choose from their list of partner charities

Before we get to Steam, let's cover consoles. On Xbox Live you can get Darksiders and Darksiders 2 plus a ton of DLC at a significant discount for your Xbox 360. If you're a Gold Member, you can get Grand Theft Auto VThe Elder Scrolls Online, and other titles at a discount as well.

Playstation is holding a sale on Grand Theft Auto titles for PS3, Ps4, and Vita. And for once, you don't need Playstation Plus to get these deals—they are for everyone who owns a recent generation Playstation. You can also get 2K Borderlands titles and Evolve, as well as DLC, right now for up to 80% off. 

batman arkham asylum harley quinnThe big news on Steam this week is their Warner Bros. Publisher Weekend, which goes until September 21st. This includes huge titles like the Batman: Arkham series (and no, Warner Bros. has not appeared to take this time to finally release their Arkham Knight patch. I checked so you do not have too), F.E.A.R titles, Mad Max titles, and Mortal Kombat X. The sales are heavily mixed, some only 10% whereas the older Arkham games are going for as low as 75%, and the older ones actually work. Also, tons of Lego games. Also on sale this week are Call of Duty titles for as much as 50% off, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Penumbra titles for 80% off (if you missed them when they were free last week), and Postal 2 for a dollar. That's just a small sampling because as always there are tons of things on sale at Steam

GreenManGaming                GamersGate      Amazon            

Construction Machine Sim (50%)

Truck Mechanic Sim (50%)

Farm Mechanic Sim (50%)

Emergency 5 Deluxe (50%)

Beach Resort Sim (50%)

Mining Industry Sim (50%)

Helicopter Sim 2014 (50%)

Farm Expert 2016 (50%)

Chronicle Keepers (50%)

Rise of Venice (75%)

Alien Spidey (75%)

Dead Pixels (75%)

Dark (75%)

Dark: Cult of the Dead (75%)

Legend of Grimrock 2 (75%)

Door Kickers (75%)

Among the Sleep (75%)

Kholat (75%) 

Kentucky Route Zero (75%)

TechnoBabylon (50%)

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (50%) 

Unepic (80%)

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas (80%)

World Goo (75%)

This War of Mine (50%)

Gabriel Knight (60%)

Mousecraft (80%)

Tales of Maj'Eyal (74%)

Tales of Maj'Eyal: Ashes of Urh'Rok (75%)

Not a Hero (50%)

Xenonauts (50%)

Gratuitous Space Battles 2 (50%)

The Cat Lady (80%)

Papers, Please (50%)

Neo Scavenger (50%)

Escape Goat (60%)

Escape Goat 2 (60%)

Super Time Force Ultra (66%)

Hotline Miami (80%)

DEFCON (80%)

Towerfall: Ascension (70%)

Mark of the Ninja (66%)

Broken Age (50%)

Deadnaut (60%)

A Bird Story (60%)


Q.U.B.E. (80%)


Gone Home (66%)

To the Moon (80%)

Geneforge Saga (80%)

Tetrobot and Co. (75%)

Blocks that Matter (74%)


Hotline Miami (80%)

Shadow Warrior (75%)



XCOM: Enemy Within (80%)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (80%)

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (80%)

Crusader Kings 2 (63%)

Restaurant Empire 2 (75%)

Blacklight Tango Down (80%)

Dead Pixel (75%)


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