SHODAN Plans A System Shock Remake Showdown In March 2023

Published: October 11, 2022 11:31 AM /


The System Shock remake logo showing SHODAN in all her glory.

We finally have a release window for the System Shock remake, and it might be sooner than you think. SHODAN, who might very well be the most famous villain in gaming history, will be hunting you down in March 2023. That's if a new Steam release window, which appeared without any fanfare recently, is anything to go by, at any rate.

For all we know right now, we might only have the PC release window, with the PlayStation and Xbox platform launches coming later. If that's the case, hopefully it's not too long of a wait. The game was successfully funded all the way back in 2016, and since then there have been numerous delays that have kept System Shock fans waiting for the past six years now. Time flies, eh?

Speaking of making you feel old, System Shock originally released in 1994, which means once the System Shock remake releases it'll be over 28 years since the original game released. That's an eternity for video games, and if the demo is anything to go by, the System Shock remake should terrify FPS horror fans the same way the original did back in the day.

System Shock remake screenshot showing off two bad guys coming to beat you up.
There will be lots of enemies to defeat in the System Shock remake.

Interestingly, this title will only release two months or so after the Dead Space remake, which is releasing in January 2023. If you're wondering why I'm bringing this up, System Shock shares a lot of similarities with Dead Space. They're both horror FPS titles, and both games take place where main character is essentially alone on a space station and having to face overwhelming odds. Dead Space owes much of its existence to System Shock, and it'll be interesting to see how similar they play and feel once their remakes are out in the wild. Will the System Shock remake feel more like Dead Space than vice versa? Only time will tell.

You can pre-order the System Shock remake right now for $39.99. It also comes with System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition, so you'll be able to beat the first game and move right on to the second game right after. Or you can play System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition right now and face off against SHODAN. The choice is yours...

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