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Might and Delight, the small independent game studio out of Stockholm has announced a release date for their new game Shelter 2 -- sort of. The sequel to the highly regarded Shelter, Shelter 2 looks like it's set to release sometime in February of next year. Fingers crossed that this will be the release date, considering that it was due to be released earlier in August.


The above footage for Shelter 2 was released on Might and Delight studio's official youtube channel as of the 24th October. For those who don't know anything about the upcoming Shelter 2 we at TechRaptor will share with you what we know.

In Shelter 2, unlike the previous game you don't play as a badger. This time around you will be playing as a mother lynx. A wild animal of the feline family that will start off the game as being pregnant. She will be preparing her den for her soon to be born, securing food and eventually giving birth. From this point on she will have to feed and nurture her cubs, keeping them safe helping them grow strong. Food will play a large role with dire consequences if not gathered sufficiently. You will have to master foraging, jumping, taking down prey, stealth and various techniques for hunting prey to feed your cubs. You will have to maintain your den as well as find clean water sources for your young to slake their thirst.


The game will be open world unlike the linearity of the title before Shelter 2 and will feature a story mode. The basis on the new Shelter 2 is open world and exploration as well as freedom.  Shelter 2 is designed to be longer than the first one, while trying to keep it as something one can finish in a sitting. The game will be replayable, with large enough areas to ensure it requires more than one play-through to see all it has to offer. You will have to fend for your cubs against enemies in the wilderness within reason. The developers have stated that if prey is bigger than you, you're better off not even trying to take it on, just run. The environment of the open world clearly takes places sometime during Winter for at least a good chunk of the game if not all of it. Prey can vary from frightened deer to precocious hares. The Den functions as your base of operation and safety with what appears to be a map in the minimalist heads-up-display helping you get your barings and return home after conquering a specific challenge within the story.

Shelter 2 will be keeping with the the artistic painting style of the first game, though the colour saturation seems better this time round. The graphics still retain the look and feel of the original but obviously with different palettes due to the environment and character change it will look a tad different. Not to mention lynxes are much faster than a badger. The animations surrounding the lynx's movement in Shelter 2 is very impressive. You really feel like you are watching a feline move in the graceful way they do.

The steam page for Shelter currently says the game is slated to be released sometime in February of next year. I personally am hoping it will contain more content than the first one. This is a breathtaking series and it's already on my wishlist. Now comes the waiting.


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