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On Tuesday, November 29, 2016, Japanese developing company Cygames announced a new expansion for its hit collectible card game, Shadowverse. Titled "Rise of Bahamut", this expansion draws inspiration from a previous Cygames mobile card game called Rage of Bahamut. While Shadowverse players knew about the upcoming expansion due to an exclusive interview TechRaptor staff had with Cygames, exact details on the expansion weren't provided at the time. Our coverage of the previous spoilers from December 09 can be found here.

Earlier today, Cygames released information on seven new cards on their Shadowverse Twitter account; these cards were originally found on the Dengeki Online website, but the cards shown on Twitter are the first time players get to see the English. It's important to note that the abilities and stats on the cards shown thus far aren't set in stone and are subject to change the closer we get to release on December 29, 2016.


The first spoiler for the day is Havencraft-class 5/5 follower Luxhorn Sarissa, which requires seven play points to cast into your area and can evolve into a 7/7 follower. Both forms of this Gold rarity card have Rush, meaning that they can attack enemy followers on the turn that they were played, and both forms also cannot receive more than three points of damage at a time.

Luxhorn Sarissa; Cygames, Shadowverse, Rise of Bahamut
Luxhorn Sarissa (source:

Yurius, Levin Duke is a 1/3 Bronze rarity follower from the Bloodcraft-class, requires two play points to cast, and can evolve into a 3/5 follower. Both forms have the static ability of dealing one damage to the enemy leader whenever an enemy follower comes into play.

Yurius, Levin Duke; Cygames, Shadowverse, Rise of Bahamut
Yurius, Levin Duke (source:

Disaster Witch is Saturday's Runecraft-class follower, a Silver rarity 5/4 follower that requires six play points to cast, and can evolve into a 7/6 follower. When Disaster Witch enters the area, her Fanfare ability triggers, putting a Crimson Sorcery spell into your hand.

Disaster Witch; Cygames, Shadowverse, Rise of Bahamut
Disaster Witch (source:


Up next is the Legendary rarity, Swordcraft-class, Commander-traited Albert, Levin Saber, a 3/5 follower that requires five play points to cast and can evolve into a 5/7 follower. Both forms have the Storm ability, which allows it to attack both enemy followers and enemy leaders on the turn it was played, as well as the new Enhance ability, which activates when you have the specified number of play points or more; the card will instead cost that many play points to cast, and the ability will activate. Albert, Levin Saber's Enhance (9) keeps it from being damaged until the end of the turn the card is played, and also allows it to attack twice per turn.

Albert, Levin Saber; Cygames, Rise of Bahamut, Shadowverse
Albert, Levin Saber (source:


Another Gold rarity card is the Forestcraft-class follower, the 3/4 Elf of the Gemstones. This follower, who requires five play points to cast and can be evolved into a 5/6 follower, bestows the Rush ability upon any allied followers who come into play.

Elf of the Gemstones; Cygames, Shadowverse, Rise of Bahamut
Elf of the Gemstones (source:

Shadowcraft's spoiler for the day is the Gold-rarity Balor, a 3/6 follower which requires six play points to cast and can evolve into a 5/8 follower. Both of Balor's forms have the Bane ability, which destroys an enemy follower whenever it deals damage to them, regardless of their health, and Last Words, which activates whenever Balor is destroyed. For Balor, his Last Words ability deals three damage to all enemy followers.

Balor; Cygames, Shadowverse, Rise of Bahamut
Balor (source:

The final Rise of Bahamut spoiler for the day is Eyfa, Wyvern Rider, a Silver rarity, Dragoncraft-class 2/1 follower which requires three play points to cast and can evolve into a 4/3 follower. Both of Eyfa, Wyvern Rider's forms can't be attacked, and its unevolved form has Enhance (7), which gives it +2/+2 and the Storm ability.


Eyfa, Wyvern Rider; Shadowverse, Cygames, Rise of Bahamut
Eyfa, Wyvern Rider (source:

Shadowverse is currently available free-to-play on Steam, as well as on Google Play and the App Store, with some minor optional microtransactions that can be avoided without any noticeable impact on gameplay experience.

Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more information on Rise of Bahamut and all things Shadowverse.

What are your thoughts on these Rise of Bahamut cards? Do you think they’ll see any constructed play? Let us know in the comment section below.



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