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On Tuesday, November 29, 2016, Japanese developing company Cygames announced a new expansion for its hit collectible card game, Shadowverse. Titled "Rise of Bahamut", this expansion draws inspiration from a previous Cygames mobile card game called Rage of Bahamut. While Shadowverse players knew about the upcoming expansion due to an exclusive interview TechRaptor staff had with Cygames, exact details on the expansion weren't provided at the time. Our coverage of the previous spoilers from December 06 can be found here.

Today, December 08, 2016, Cygames has released information on nine new cards, some of which were in the newest edition of the Famitsū magazine; Shadowverse players are likely familiar with some of these cards, as leaked scans of the Famitsū magazine were available as early Tuesday. It's important to note that the abilities and stats on the cards shown thus far aren't set in stone and are subject to change the closer we get to release on December 29, 2016.

First up is Voices of Resentment, a Bronze rarity, Shadowcraft-class spell which costs three play points to play. Voices of Resentment summons two 1/1 Ghosts that have the Storm ability (can attack on the turn they were played). This spell also has the new Enhance ability, which activates when you have the specified number of play points or more; the card will instead cost that many play points to cast, and the ability will activate. For Voices of Resentment, Enhance (8) gives those Ghosts the Bane ability (automatically destroys any enemy followers that they attack or are attacked by).

Voices of Resentment; Shadowverse, Rise of Bahamut, Cygames
Voices of Resentment (source:

The second spoiler for the day is Flood Behemoth, a Silver rarity, Bloodcraft-class 4/6 follower which costs six play points to cast and evolves into a 6/8 follower. Flood Behemoth has the new Clash ability in both forms, which activates whenever it attacks or defends against an enemy follower. For Flood Behemoth, this deals one damage to all enemy followers.

Flood Behemoth; Cygames, Shadowverse, Rise of Bahamut
Flood Behemoth (source:

Ghostly Grasp is another Shadowcraft-class spell, albeit a Silver rarity card, and costs one play point to cast. It destroys any one enemy follower that has exactly one defense; however, if you have eight or more total shadows you can instead choose to use Necromancy (8) to destroy any one follower that has two or more defense.

Ghostly Grasp; Rise of Bahamut, Cygames, Shadowverse
Ghostly Grasp (source:

Goblin Mage is a Neutral-class, Bronze rarity 2/2 follower which costs three play points to cast and can evolve into a 4/4 follower. This card has a Fanfare ability, which activates when the follower is played; for Goblin Mage, this puts a random two play point follower from your deck into your hand.

Goblin Mage; Shadowverse, Cygames, Rage of Bahamut
Goblin Mage (source:

The first Legendary rarity of the day is the Dragoncraft-class Imperial Dragoon, a 5/5 follower which costs nine play points to cast an can evolve into a 7/7 follower. Imperial Dragoon has a Fanfare ability, which causes you to discard your entire hand and deal X damage to all enemies, where X is equal to the number of cards discarded by Imperial Dragoon.

Imperial Dragoon; Shadowverse, Cygames, Rise of Bahamut
Imperial Dragoon (source:

Up next is Maahes, a Gold rarity, Forestcraft-class 5/5 follower which costs six play points to cast and can evolve into a 7/7 follower. Both the unevolved and evolved forms have the Ward ability, which means the opponent can only attack this follower until it is destroyed; in addition, the unevolved form has a Fanfare ability which deals two damage to all enemies if you played at least two other cards that turn.

Maahes; Shadowverse, Cygames, Rise of Bahamut
Maahes (source:

The next Gold rarity follower is the Professor of Taboos, a Runecraft-class 3/5 follower that costs six play points to cast and can evolve into a 5/7 follower. Both the unevolved and evolved forms summon a Zombie whenever an enemy follower is destroyed and both forms have access to the Earth Rite ability, which is activated automatically when an Earth Sigil amulet is present in your area (the Earth Sigil is destroyed when the Earth Rite activates). For Professor of Taboos, this Earth Rite destroys a random enemy follower.

Professor of Taboos; Cygames, Shadowverse, Rise of Bahamut
Professor of Taboos (source:

Samurai is a Bronze rarity, Swordcraft-class 2/2 follower with the Officer trait that requires two play points to cast and can evolve into a 4/4 follower. It has a Fanfare ability, which gives Samurai +1/+1 and the Bane ability if three or more enemy followers are in play.

Samurai; Cygames, Shadowverse, Rise of Bahamut
Samurai (source:

The final card in today's spoilers is the Gold rarity, Havencraft-class Valhallan General, a 3/3 follower which requires six play points to cast and can evolve into a 5/5 follower. Valhallan General has a Fanfare ability, which gives an allied follower +3/+3 and the Rush ability, which allows followers to attack other followers on the same turn they were played.

Valhallan General; Cygamaes, Shadowverse, Rise of Bahamut
Valhallan General (source:

Shadowverse is currently available free-to-play on Steam, as well as on Google Play and the App Store, with some minor optional microtransactions that can be avoided without any noticeable impact on gameplay experience.

Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more information on Rise of Bahamut and all things Shadowverse.

What are your thoughts on these Rise of Bahamut cards? Do you think they'll see any constructed play? Let us know in the comment section below.

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