Sexy Sci-Fi Waifu Sim Subverse Release Date Announced

Published: February 19, 2021 11:15 AM /


One of the sci-fi waifus in Subverse

Sexy sci-fi waifu parody sim Subverse will soon be upon us. The Subverse release date has been announced, so if you're waiting to get your hands on the game (and more besides), you'll only have a few weeks to wait.

When is the Subverse release date?

According to a new Steam announcement by Subverse developer Studio FOW, the game will launch on March 26th. That's just a little over a month to wait. It'll be an Early Access launch that will come (no pun intended) with the first six chapters, constituting a tutorial and the recruitment missions for three waifus. In the initial release, you'll be able to get up close and personal with DEMI, Lily, and Killi, with more on the way as more chapters are released.


Another one of the waifus in Subverse
There are plenty of space waifus to "romance" in Subverse.

The Steam dev diary also revealed more details about how Subverse's Pandora system will work. Pandora is essentially the means by which you can view all kinds of sex scenes with the waifu you've chosen. You'll be able to customize what you're seeing, so if you don't like foreplay and want to skip straight to the action - or vice-versa - then Pandora is at your command. In order to use Pandora, you'll need to amass a currency called PP, which you'll spend on purchasing "hand-holding" scenes, as the dev puts it. Each new Subverse update will add more scenes, and none of them will be available via microtransactions, so you'll need to play the game to unlock them.

What is Subverse?

Subverse's developers describe it as an old-school PC game intended to combat "low-effort hentai games". It's a fully 3D, extremely NSFW RPG in which you must explore planets, take on missions, customize your ship, and get freaky with a whole host of alien waifus. The team is proud of the fact that the game features "no pay-to-win, no gacha, no lootboxes, and no daily logins".

It's a good old-fashioned sexy game that you'll have to play if you want to see some alien action. Subverse will also feature shmup-style and JRPG-inspired combat, as well as an "absurdist comedic" storyline. I guess if there are gonna be aliens getting freaky with tentacles, Subverse can't afford to take itself too seriously. It'll offer a fully 3D experience, too, so there are no pre-rendered scenes here. You'll be able to check out Subverse on March 26th when it launches in Steam Early Access.


Are you looking forward to getting "acquainted" with Subverse's space waifus? Let us know in the comments below!

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