Sexual Artwork Censored In Mobile Game Dragon Heroes

Published: May 20, 2016 9:15 AM /


Censored Dragon Heroes

The popular bullet hell/RPG game, Dragon Heroes, made an announcement recently that took many players by surprise.

Whilst players may have been drawn to the title’s ample usage of fan service styled artwork, they have now found this taken away from them.

In a post over on the official Dragon Heroes Facebook page, the Korean company behind the game, Patigames, has explained that, due to Google’s and Apple’s market policies, changes will be made to some character designs and costumes.

Lyla (Character Image)
Pirata (Character Image)
Isis (Character Image)
Carsiana (Character Image)
Carsiana ('Goddess of Victory' Costume)
Lucia (Character Image)
Nataly (Character Image)
Nataly ('Law-Enforcer' Costume)
Rhymey (Character Image)
Nerphym (Character Image)
Nerphym ('The White Saintess' Costume)
Bloody Mary (Character Image)
Bloody Mary ('Blood Queen' Costume)
Bloody Mary ('Santa Girl' Costume)
Ellie (Character Image)
Sylvia (Character Image)
Iruna (Character Image)
Iruna ('Red Panda Rider' Costume)
Scalain (Character Image)
Scalain ('Medic' Costume)
Ivy (Character Image)
Ivy ('Hip Hop Girl' Costume)
Bella (Character Image)
Bella ('PERILOUS BEAUTY' Costume)
Bella ('Seduction of X-mas' Costume)
Hina (Character Image)
Claire ('Tempting Summer' Costume)
Lea ('Beach Rose' Costume)

The list of artwork affected is pretty long and has targeted designs that are particularly sexual in nature.

Censored Comparison Dragon Heroes
Uncensored on the left, censored on the right. (Thanks to Ultima DelaFouinasse for the picture)

An example of one of the changes that have been made can be seen above. It’s interesting to note how the girl’s cleavage, whilst reduced, is still left fairly exposed. Other changes that can be spotted are more cloth being added to cover the legs, as well covering up her midriff.

Again, it’s important to point out that apparently Google and Apple forced these changes on the Dragon Heroes developers.

The censored designs came into effect on May 19th, however, for players who purchased  any of the costumes affected by this, prior to this date, they will thankfully not be having them censored and will be able to keep the original designs.

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