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Published: July 19, 2016 11:14 PM /


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As we get closer to the September 21st release of Koei Tecmo's Berserk in Japan, more and more info is heading our way. The latest Berserk related tidbit concerns Serpico, the fleet-footed bodyguard of Lady Franese. According to an upcoming issue of Famitsu Magazine, the Holy Iron Knight is slated to join the game's roster alongside the young witch Schierke.

For the unaware, Serpico is one of the many members of Guts' traveling party, a ragtag group of warriors, thieves, and wizards all following Guts on his quest to restore his lover's sanity and get revenge on the man who wronged him. After showing up in the Tower of Conviction arc (currently being adapted into a CG anime), Serpico has been in some of the most noteworthy battles in Berserk, fighting with the performance-enhancing Sylph Cloak and the Sylph Sword, which can fire off powerful blasts of wind to cut down foes at a distance.

While there are few screenshots shown, it's worth pointing out just what Serpico is fighting in the title screenshot. That is a crocodile monster known as a 'Pishaca'. These are animals possessed by the Kushan emperor, and show up rather late in the Millenium Falcon arc - meaning this game will actually go further in the timeline than the tie-in game based on the arc.

Never one to go unnoticed, Schierke also got a handful of new screenshots showing off water and fire magic, making her the only ranged-focused character to be revealed thus far. But with the Japanese release on the horizon and a western release slated for this fall, it's safe to assume the character count is only going to grow from here.

Quick Take

While not entirely unexpected, it's still a treat to see everyone's favorite potentially incestual bodyguard to show up in the new game. 

And it's always worth restating - playable Wylad or bust.

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