The Serpent Rogue Release Date Unchanged, Says Ukrainian Dev

Published: March 18, 2022 11:16 AM /


Characters talking near a tattered ship in The Serpent Rogue

Ukrainian studio Sengi Games has confirmed that its intended The Serpent Rogue release date won't change. Despite the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia causing serious problems, the dev says it's decided to stick with its original launch date next month.

Why isn't Sengi Games changing its intended The Serpent Rogue release date?

Speaking via Twitter, Sengi Games describes its current situation as "hard and unprecedented". Despite these difficulties, though, Sengi says it's going to stick to its original plan and release The Serpent Rogue on April 26th, as was originally intended. Sengi goes on to describe its game as "the most ambitious thing we've ever made". If you were hoping for some sandbox roguelite goodness from The Serpent Rogue, it doesn't look like you're going to be disappointed in terms of delays.


Gameplay in Sengi Games' The Serpent Rogue
The release date for Sengi Games' "ambitious" The Serpent Rogue will remain unchanged, the developer says.

Sengi's last tweet prior to this announcement was sent just a few days after the Russian invasion began. It said that the studio will keep "defending and protecting" Ukraine, and after "we will win", the studio will "make some extra cool content" for The Serpent Rogue as a gift. Sengi isn't the only studio struggling with life in Ukraine right now; developers like Frogwares are also trying to muddle through this unprecedented and horrific situation. Suffice it to say that TechRaptor's hearts go out to those affected by the invasion.

How has the industry responded to the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

So far, the industry has overwhelmingly condemned Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Several major gaming companies, including Microsoft, the folks at Games Workshop, and GOG owner CD Projekt, have halted all sales and services in Russia as a result of the invasion. In addition, indie platform recently launched a massive bundle to support Ukraine, which has raised a staggering $6.3 million. Elsewhere, studios are working hard behind the scenes, too; outfits without huge public prominence, such as work-for-hire studio Room 8 Group, have been pledging their profits to support Ukraine.

The Bundle for Ukraine
The Bundle for Ukraine has raised over $6.3 million.

As for The Serpent Rogue, it's currently expected to launch for PC via Steam on April 26th. When it launches, it will feature an innovative mixture of alchemy and roguelite action-adventure gameplay. You'll need to brew and mix potions and carefully note their effects, watching at the same time for monsters and dealing with them appropriately. You'll also be able to morph into different animals using some of the potions you create. All in all, it sounds like a pretty fun experience, and definitely one to watch if you want to support the Ukrainian gaming industry.




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