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Guy Steals $40,000 Worth Of Equipment From Valve

Published: October 8, 2019 6:26 PM



Last September, the PC Gaming giant Valve was the target of a serial burglar who managed to run off with over $40,000 worth of games, pc parts, and other various equipment. According to Bellevue Washington detectives, the suspect Shawn Shaputis, broke into the Valve HQ and stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and games.  At the time of Shaputis‘ arrest, he was looking at 6 other warrants for light offenses such as borrowing a FedEx truck for a spirited driving demonstration with the police, a burglary spree back in 2018, and finally selling stolen games to a local Gamestop. 

According to local Washington news KIRO7, Shaputis claims to have broken into Valve HQ multiple times and filled recycling bins with computers and accessories so it was easy to steal. He was then spotted going into a local GameStop trading in the stolen games and accessories for cash.


Valve burglar selling games to gamestop
The real question is - is Gamestop a bigger thief then Shaputis?

There’s no real detail on what Shaputis exactly stole from Valve, But judging from the fact that the Steam store owner does a lot of in house R&D such as the upcoming Valve Index, it's not a stretch to image that taking $40,000 worth of gear was easy enough to acquire.

In a surprising turn of events, Shaputis is currently not in jail. Instead he is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow (Wednesday October, 9th 2019) for the unspeakable crime of selling stolen video games to GameStop. No word on if the arraignment involves the break-in at Valve HQ and at the moment there is no official response from Valve on the crime. If he fails to show up to court (like the super villain he seems to be) he faces another warrant out for his arrest.  Th times the charm right?


What do you think he stole? Are you surprised at how easily he was about to just take whatever he wanted? Is this the birth of a new super villain? How much do you think GameStop gave him for all that gear? Let us know in the comment below!

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