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Senran Kagura Now a Provocative Pachislot Machine in Japan

Published: May 11, 2017 12:19 PM



Marvelous Entertainment’s female ninja franchise Senran Kagura is getting adapted into a pachislot machine. Japanese manufacturer Oizumi will be launching the new sexy themed gambling machines in Japan. Take a look at the trailer for the new game below.


Pachislot machines are Japanese slot machines found in gambling parlors throughout the country. Video game developers and publishers have lent their intellectual property to this different genre of gaming experience to reach a broader audience-much like how traditional gaming IP such as Centipede or Dungeons & Dragons can be found branding slot machines in Las Vegas casinos. Gambling in Japan and the United States appeals more to an older demographic and the industry has seen some decline over the last few years. Injecting new gaming brands into the scene may help bring in younger gamblers as well as expose an older audience to video games. Other Japanese developers have partnered with pachislot manufacturers to bring popular video games like Bayonetta and Fatal Fury to gambling parlors and now Marvelous Entertainment will be bringing Senran Kagura.

Senran Kagura got its start as a side-scroller on the 3DS released in Japan 2011. Kenchiro Takaki’s busty ninjas have since featured in a series of sequels and spin-offs, manga, anime and now gambling machines. The franchise has branched out from the side-scrolling genre and 3DS as well as making their way to other countries. Aside from the new pachislot machine, the latest Senran Kagura project is Senran Kagura: Reloaded for the Nintendo Switch featuring JoyCon “jiggle physics”. Kenchiro Takaki on the other hand is heading up a new studio called Honey Parade under Marvelous Entertainment to work on new projects.


Oizumi’s Senran Kagura pachislot machine features the voluptuous characters from the game complete with ninja action, the eating of cylindrical foods and most importantly dancing breasts!

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