Senior EA Ireland Director Fired Over Alleged "Bigger Dick" Comment; Lawsuit Ensues

Published: December 8, 2018 4:59 PM /


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Editor's Note: At the request of involved parties we have removed the name of one of the people involved in this incident.

As reported by the Irish Independent, Philippe Grenet, a senior director of global delivery services for EA Ireland, has been fired from his position due to making a comment that referenced his penis.

Apparently, Grenet was reported to saying that "he was not going to pull my dick out and put it on the table" while next to a woman colleague in order to see "who has the bigger dick".

The comment, which was apparently made on November 9, was in a one-to-one conversation with a female colleague. Grenet denies the comment, stating that his actual comment was that he "[didn't] want to compare the length of [his] dick" with the colleague.

On Thursday, he was granted a temporary injunction that restrained his dismissal from work. Grenet also stated in an affidavit that the female colleague's complaint was made from a place of malice, as she was a former candidate to the position that Grenet had been appointed to. He also added that she has had interpersonal difficulties with other employees and frequently undermined his authority. As a result of her complaint, he was dismissed in a meeting on November 14.

EA contends that Grenet has admitted his guilt and that they were entitled to terminate his employment. They also deny that there are flaws in their disciplinary process. Regardless, next week, Grenet could see his case return to court as he tries to keep his job.

Quick Take:

Engaging in locker-room talk in a competitive industry where people are looking for reasons to stab you in the back is not a good career move. When I heard that the employee who reported him had done so out of malice, I was shocked. No, seriously. This is my shocked face. You see how shocked I am? I'm shocked, I tell you. Shocked. So, instead of everyone supporting Harambe, we should now support this man. Harambe had his time in the sun, but it's Grenet's turn now. Dick's out on the table, everyone. Grenet needs us now.

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