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Sekai Project Announces Two New Titles

Published: August 15, 2016 6:15 PM



During a live panel at AnimeFest in Dallas, Sekai Project announced two new titles for PC. This news comes after the visual novel publisher and licensor announced their most recent lineup of titles at Otakon. The latest additions for Sekai Project are This World Unknown and Connie Amarance.


This World Unknown is a western visual novel from developer Ebi-Hime (Asphyxia, The Way We All Go, and Strawberry Vinegar). In this tale protagonist Rhea is a mousy nurse living in the country of Aslande. Her country is at war with the neighboring country of Eressia but the fighting has always seemed a distant fact of life for Rhea. That is until her childhood friend Luca returns home from battle and the harsh reality of war changes their relationship.

This unique story is full of romance, comedy and moving themes for players to enjoy. It features bright adorable artwork to illustrate interesting and loveable characters. This World Unknown is currently available to vote on for Steam Greenlight.


Popular in Korea and Japan, Connie Amarance will be coming to Steam in 2017 for western audiences to play. Developer FULSE/April Arts tell an emotional story of how one woman loses everyone she loves including her fiance, and how she deals with that loss in this VN. The titular character Connie Amaranth begins to see the world through her younger self in order to heal from her sorrowful past.

Connie Amarance is a first person visual novel that takes readers to a new dimension. Doing it’s best to pull on your heartstrings this story is told with a full cast of voice actors and lovely high quality CGs. With a captivating soundtrack and an interesting story full of sorrow and joy, players can experience Connie’s story in the coming year.


Sekai Project has announced many new acquisitions and projects during the summer convention season. Most recently these two visual novels-the new western title This World Unknown and soon-to-be localized tear jerker Connie Amarance. Fans of visual novels now have a large selection of stories to peruse from Sekai Project. More news and products from the publisher can be found at their website.

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