Sega And Yoko Taro Reveal Offbeat Mobile RPG 404 GAME RE:SET

Published: February 10, 2023 9:23 AM /


One of the waifus in Sega and Yoko Taro's new game 404 GAME RE:SET, wearing a Fantasy Zone earring

Sega has officially unveiled its collaborative project with Nier mastermind Yoko Taro. The game is called 404 GAME RE:SET, and it's launching sometime this year in Japan, with pre-registration open right now on the Japanese Apple App Store and Google Play. The premise is just as off-kilter as you've come to expect, too.

A few days ago, Sega teased its new project with a weird dystopian trailer, and around the same time, leaks began to suggest the game would be called 404 GAME RE:SET. Now, Sega has officially confirmed those leaks to be true, and the game sounds...well, rather odd, as it happens. You can check out the reveal trailer for 404 GAME RE:SET here; it's in Japanese, but it communicates the essential ideas behind the game.

404 GAME RE:SET takes place in a world that's been overrun by Sega. Yes, you read that correctly. Your character meets a mysterious individual by the name of X, who tells you that things aren't quite as they should be in this world. After learning that Sega has warped reality, you must do battle with the corporation in order to restore peace and order to the world.

You won't be fighting alone, though. 404 GAME RE:SET will feature a cast of anime waifu designed to represent classic Sega franchises. These include OutRunAfterburner, and Virtua Fighter, among others. Art for the characters will be handled by Atelier Sophie artist Yuugen, giving all of the characters a uniform look.

Gameplay-wise, 404 GAME RE:SET will be a mobile RPG, and the characters can be obtained via gacha pulls. Sounds like a pretty conventional mobile RPG to me, so hopefully, Yoko Taro can find a way to inject the project with his characteristic style. I'm yet to play a boring Yoko Taro game, at any rate.

There's no word yet on whether 404 GAME RE:SET is coming to the West. It's likely the devs will look to see how it does in Japan, although there's also a chance they'll decide this concept doesn't translate well to Western shores. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more info on this.

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