SeedScape Developer Sees Attempted Boycott turn into GreenLight

Published: November 26, 2014 7:48 PM /


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SeedScape, which is being created by Jason Brown with Jennifer Dawe also working on the development, is still in its alpha stages, hasn't even been greenlit yet, and yet is coming under scrutiny for its developers political views.

The game which is a casual farming simulator, reminiscent of retro games such as harvest moon, but with a slight combat element, is still in the early stages but has received a lot of positive responses from gameplay footage on the developer's streams.

However, due to that fact that Dawe identifies as pro-GamerGate, she has come under scrutiny from Untimely Gamer on Twitter, who tried to encourage people to boycott the game. As the game was still in the early stages a boycott of this kind could be devastating for development.

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Fortunately for Dawe, the Streisand Effect took place, and while the game was a moderate success already, popularity of the game surged in the last day following the proposed boycott and has since been greenlit. This particular story has come at a time when women in the industry have come under the spotlight as a minority. Amidst concerns that women in gaming are weathering a constant barrage of harassment, it is important to support talented women such as Dawe to show how inclusive gaming can be.

In this crucial time in its development, TechRaptor has reached out to Dawe for an interview on Seedscape, which she has accepted. As a fellow woman in the industry who has been under scrutiny myself for the topics I cover, I'd be interested to see if her experiences reflects Liana K's and mine. Dawe has interviewed for TechRaptor previously, but not since she began showcasing SeedScape.

If you like the look of the game or want to find out more, please check its Steam page.


GamerGate has also engaged in boycotts of games such as the boycott of Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel!  While individuals boycotted the games for several reasons, most notably as developers Gearbox had been lacking innovation and good writing in the last few games, and delivered critical failures such as Aliens: Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem Forever, it also came under the firing line when consultant Anthony Burch claimed that gaming consumers were also interested in child pornography.


Seems YouTube celebrity, Total Biscuit has a part in the Greenlighting of the game after tweeting it out to his followers.

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Edit: The title was edited to reflect success rather than wrongdoings as this fits in better with the message of TechRaptor. The first sentence was also edited for readability and clarification of the development team.

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