The Season of the Dragon Launches February 25 With Elder Scrolls Online Wrathstone DLC

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Last month, Zenimax Online revealed a content roadmap for its MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online. The first DLC to drop this year is called Wrathstone, which is now releasing on February 25 for PC and Mac and March 12 for console players.

This DLC is a dungeon pack that contains the Depths of Malatar and Frostvault. The Depths of Malatar takes place in "sunken Ayleid ruins." The website's official description reads:


This is not the first time the doors to the cursed keep of Malatar have opened. If you wish to avoid your predecessors’ fate, you must overcome monstrous defenders and powerful Daedric agents to claim its ancient knowledge for yourself!

The Frostvault, true to its name, is going to be a frigid environment, and is located below the ice in Eastmarch, a province of Skyrim. In the Frostvault, players aim to get inside "an ancient Dwarven vault." The website's description has more on this dungeon:

The lost Vault of Mhuvnak might be accessible to explorers, but this dangerous complex is already home to a fearsome goblin tribe and endless Dwemer automatons. Steel yourselves, for whatever is buried within the Frostvault will not be relinquished without a fight.

This pack promises new monsters, bosses, and even new item sets and collectibles.

The highlight of Zenimax Online's content stream last month was that players finally get to explore some more of Elseweyr, but the theme of these content packs follows an overarching plot involving dragons. Thus, they called it The Season of the Dragon. Dragons are going to be a prevalent theme, and Elder Scrolls Online Wrathstone acts as the introduction to this story.


There will be four DLC packs total, two being larger zones like Elsweyr and two that are dungeons like Wrathstone. 

As always, players with the ESO Plus have access to all new DLC as long as the subscription is active. Otherwise, it is available for purchase very soon. You can also pre-order the Elsweyr DLC now for $40 or its equivalent in Crowns, the premium currency for Elder Scrolls Online. 

Are you excited to play the Elder Scrolls Online Wrathstone DLC? What dungeon do you think you'll enjoy more? Let us know in the comments below!




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