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Sean Bean Is Set To Be First Elusive Target In HITMAN 2

October 17, 2018

By: Robert N. Adams

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HITMAN 2's first Elusive Target has been announced via a press release from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and it's quite the interesting guy: Sean Bean.

Well, not actually Sean Bean, but he is playing the character that will make up your target. Mark Faba is a former MI5 agent nicknamed "The Undying", a man who is particularly well-known for his ability to fake his own death. Check out the live-action trailer starring the man himself:




Behold a rare treat in cinematic history: a complete video experience where Sean Bean doesn't die at the end.



Elusive Targets are a special type of mission in the newer HITMAN games and they're making a return in HITMAN 2. Players typically take on an especially tough challenge for the contract - and they only have one chance to do it. You also have a limited amount of time to attempt the contract. Miss the window or fail to kill your target and you won't be able to try again, although Hitman (2016) did eventually bring some back a couple of years later for new players to try.

In an appropriate nod to the HITMAN universe, Mr. Faba details a number of innocuous objects around the room that could be a tool of assassination. Of course, any HITMAN fan worth their salt immediately notices that the "therapist" he's talking to is a bald man in a suit. It could be a red herring, but Mark Faba doesn't seem like the kind of man to take chances and things end just about how you would expect.

The team behind the game recently revealed Ghost Mode, the very first PvP experience in the franchise's history. The first Elusive Target mission utilizing the talents of Mr. Bean (no, not that one) is scheduled to release on November 20th, exactly one week after the launch of HITMAN 2 on November 13th. PC players can pre-order the game on Steam or the Humble Store for $59.99 or your regional equivalent. Console players can pick up a physical copy at Amazon and other stores or get it digitally at the Microsoft Store for the Xbox One and at the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4.

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What do you think of Sean Bean playing the role of the first Elusive Target in HITMAN 2? Do you think you'll be able to make like a movie star and take out Boromir? Let us know in the comments below!

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