Sea of Thieves Season 5 Arriving This Week

Sea of Thieves Season 5 will begin on this Thursday, December 2, 2021, bringing with it a bunch of new features and improvements.

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Sea of Thieves Season 5

Sea of Thieves Season 5 is just around the corner, with the latest Season releasing on this Thursday, December 2, 2021. Perhaps the most notable improvement is that players will now be able to bury their treasure. When they do, a custom treasure map is created for the island you buried it on, which will be pretty useful if you ever want to reclaim your buried treasure.

Sea of Thieves has had a pretty good run of it recently. It's Pirates of the Caribbean crossover was well received, and since its release on Steam it's sold millions of copies. It's also receiving Seasons at a fairly decent pace as well, with Sea of Thieves Season 4 having launched on September 23, 2021.

What else is in Sea of Thieves Season 5?

There's a new quest board available on Seaposts and Outposts where players will be able to post their custom treasure maps to other crews. If you choose to do this and another crew finds your hidden stash of booty, the next time you log in you'll receive the reputation you would have earned for cashing it in along with a decent amount of Renown.

You can also now sit. No, I'm not joking. Better late than never, I suppose. Given that you can sit it makes sense that you can now also sleep, which will replenish some health. Want to scheme while you sit? Well, turn the Speaking Trumpet around and instead and you'll be able to whisper to your crew when things require a more stealthy touch.  If you want the complete opposite of stealth, there's a Cannon Rowboat that's exactly as it sounds. Be sure to create a lot of earth-shattering kabooms, eh?

Cannon Rowbat
Row, row, row your Cannon Rowboat, gently down the seas...

With the arrival Sea of Thieves Season 5 there's another one hundred levels of rewards to unlock, which are free to all players. This is fairly ironic given the progressing shenanigans that have unfolded for Halo Infinite, another Microsoft-developed title. Hopefully Microsoft looks to Sea of Thieves Season 5 for inspiration rather than whatever they've been doing for Halo Infinite so far, but we'll have to see.

Speaking of unlocks and rewards, there's also a new Bell Brigade clothing set, a Mistletoe Fishing Rod, and a Snowbound Ship Lantern for those who want to get into the Christmas spirit. There's also an Ancient Gold Flag that can be earned for your ship. If you are a pirate legend you can get Merrick's Tankard and Grimm's jacket as well, so be on the lookout for all of these new goodies. There's also new emissary rewards that include new weapons and some legendary ship parts. If you complete the commendations for Sea of Thieves Season 5 you'll earn a new ship set and a Party Boat clothing set along with some weapons.

If you want to celebrate Christmas with some explosions, the Merchant Alliance have also begun selling themed fireworks crates, and while you can set off some colorful explosions they can actually be fairly useful, with flares now able to be used.

The Pirates Emporium also has new items inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean. There's a Captain Barbossa costume, so be sure to check that out if you want to look like the famous POTC captain. 

There's also a Royal Revenge ship set, weapons set, and a Mutinous Mutt, who should be watched if there's cursed gold aboard your ship. While watching your Mutinous Mutt, there may also be rats aboard your ship. This is something you should be worried about, so if you see any on your ship be sure to check out your lower decks just in case.

Mutinous Mutt
Hey may not always be a good boy.

Want to spend some of your real life booty? You can buy a Plunder Pass for the first time that will unlock the Boreal Aurora Collector's Ship Set, three variations of the Creeping Cold costume, the jolly Sand Angel emote, and 750 Ancient Coins.

Speaking of emotes, there's some newly-added Sea Dog weapon emotes that will allow players to flaunt their weapons and smile for the camera, especially if you have the Say Cheese emote bundle. If you want some emotes that won't cost you anything, roleplayers there's new Rolling Dice emotes that are free for all players, and many-sided die to choose from.

Frozen Horizon equipment and instruments will be available in the upcoming season, and the Festive Tree emote is free for all players. You can use them during the three new shanties that will be available in-game. These shanties are Ballad of the Mer, Row Your Boat, and the Infernal Galop. If you're talking and singing in-game your pirate's lips will move as well, which is a neat addition. Who knows how good the lip-syncing will be, but there's only one way to find out. 

If you want more ammo pouches, you don't have to worry anymore as gun-toting skeletons and phantoms will now drop ammo pouches. For bigger pieces of loot, Meg and Kraken loot will now be easier to spot in the rolling waves, and if you have items to transfer between storage crates you can now take all items and once and store them in your crate.

Want to see all the shiny new improvements and features in Sea of Thieves? Check out the Sea of Thieves Season 5 trailer below:

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