Sea Of Thieves Season 4 Brings New Challenges Galore

Sea of Thieves Season 4 is upon us, and it's adding an entire kingdom beneath the water to explore, plus lots more

Published: September 23, 2021 9:51 AM /


Two pirates getting ready to explore the Sunken Kingdom in Sea of Thieves Season 4

The Sea of Thieves Season 4 patch notes have landed. It's bringing with it the new Sunken Kingdom area, which adds new shrines and challenges to complete, as well as new seasonal progression rewards, more game events, and lots more.

What's been added in Sea of Thieves Season 4?

Following on from the huge "A Pirate's Life" addon last month, the big new addition in Sea of Thieves Season 4 is the Sunken Kingdom. First teased in Season 3's Tall Tales, the Kingdom is now fully explorable. It contains Siren Shrines, which will task you with solving puzzles in exchange for treasure, as well as Siren Treasuries, which will throw waves of enemies at you with a treasure reward at the end. Naturally, you'll now find plenty of new quests scattered throughout the seas leading you to this Kingdom and its mysteries. You can check out the Season 4 content trailer below for more tantalizing details about the Sunken Kingdom.

It's not just the Sunken Kingdom, of course. New Sea of Thieves Season 4 progression rewards have been added, including cosmetics for your pirate, unique titles, and new Seasonal Trials to check out. There are new Weekly and Monthly Trials to take a look at, which will grant you Renown boosts if you complete them. Deeds have also been revamped; they're now split into Short Deeds, which should take around 5-10 minutes, and Standard Deeds, which will run about twice that length. Trials will consist of a series of Deeds designed to test your capabilities in battle as well as exploration.

As you might expect, the Sea of Thieves Season 4 patch notes reveal new game events coming in the first few weeks of Season 4 as well. The annual Fury of the Damned event is coming soon, bringing with it new ways to earn the favor of the Bilge Rats. Rare says it'll reveal more in the coming weeks regarding Sea of Thieves Twitch drops too; certain Twitch streams will let you earn Twilight Hunter set items just by watching them, so stay tuned for more on that. It's a pretty good time to be a salty pirate, it seems. Ubisoft would do well to copy more than just Sea of Thieves' structure for its upcoming Skull and Bones.

What else is in the Sea of Thieves Season 4 patch notes?

There are plenty of extra things to discover in the Sea of Thieves Season 4 release notes. One notable new feature is the Nautical Narration accessibility addition, which allows players to navigate the sea using their compass. There are several options available within this setting, so you can pick the one that's right for you. In addition, Rare has added a whole bunch of gameplay improvements, balance tweaks, and bug fixes. It's worth taking a look at the full Sea of Thieves Season 4 patch notes so you can get an idea of everything that's new.

Some of the new cosmetics in Sea of Thieves Season 4
Sea of Thieves Season 4 brings lots of new cosmetics, like the ones these dashing pirates are wearing.

You can download the update that brings all the new Sea of Thieves Season 4 content right now. On Xbox Series X and One X, the update will take up 7.6GB of space on your storage drive. If you've got a Series S or an OG Xbox One, you're looking at 6.4GB. Windows 10 users will need 7.1GB, while Steam players will find a 6.7GB update. We've come a long way since Sea of Thieves looked like it was dead in the water, so if you're a Game Pass subscriber or you need an open-world pirate adventure to keep you plunderin', you could do much worse than this one.

Are you excited to delve into Sea of Thieves Season 4? Let us know in the comments below!

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