Sea of Thieves Dogs Arriving September 9th

Published: September 2, 2020 12:03 PM /


Sea of Thieves Dogs

Rare has pulled the curtain down on the next Sea of Thieves update, the Vault of the Ancients update, and announced that it will be releasing on September 9th.

The Sea of Thieves Vault of the Ancients update has one big thing that people have been happy to see since it was announced - Dogs. While previously Sea of thieves had added cats, starting on September 9th, Sea of Thieves dogs will bring man's true best friend to the sea for sailing.

There is also a new type of Gold Hoarders quest, called Treasure Vaults, which are tied to the title of this update Vaults of the Ancients. After Shores of Gold,  the Gold Hoarders decided to put their riches in the eponymous Vaults of the Ancients, but paranoia perfectly reasonable fears begin to inflict them as they worry about the safety of their loot, and send you out to retrieve the keys to them. Of course, you're a pirate so you can also choose to steal the keys yourself, and when in there you'll have a limited time period to collect loot, and to also solve a puzzle that will unlock the true hidden treasures that they've hidden away.

Beyond those, the main focus for this update is quality of life improvements. Some of these are in accessibiltiy - like greater binding options for single stick players, but most are more general. The most interesting may be the Mysterious Notes feature as that will have a mysterious stranger of some kind leaves notes telling you about things going on in the world, or teasing certain quests. They're also letting you tweak things like island banners, either going to slimline in adventure, or even removing it altogether.

If you want ot listen to Rare's developers talk about it all some more, take a look at the video below

What do you think of the Sea of Thieves dogs? Do you wish you had more information on what the gold hoarders are offering you to not go loot their treasures? Let us know in the comments below!

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