Scream's Ghost Face Stalks His Way Into Multiplayer Slasher Dead By Daylight

Published: June 19, 2019 9:30 AM /


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Dead by Daylight players are in for a treat. Scream's Ghost Face is the game's latest DLC, and he's available to download right now.

Developer Behaviour added the new villain to the game as part of Patch 3.0.0, which also adds some quality-of-life improvements and makes some balance changes. As with previous killers, Ghost Face brings his own set of perks and special abilities to help him dispatch survivors. The new villain's moves all revolve around stealth, which is apt given his name. You can check out the spotlight trailer for Ghost Face below:

Ghost Face's primary ability in Dead by Daylight is called Night Shroud. While it's active, Ghost Face won't emit a Red Stain, so you won't be able to anticipate his movements. Night Shroud also completely removes Ghost Face's Terror Radius, allowing him to stalk his victims more effectively. If you attack a survivor while Night Shroud is active, or if one detects you, the ability will end and you'll be left exposed.

Dead by Daylight's version of Ghost Face also comes with three new perks. "I'm All Ears" reveals a survivor's aura if they perform a rushed action, even if they're outside Ghost Face's Terror Radius. "Thrilling Tremors" blocks generators not currently being repaired by survivors if Ghost Face picks a survivor up. Finally, "Furtive Chase" sees Ghost Face becoming obsessed with a single survivor. Placing that survivor on a hook will grant you a token. Every token you collect shrinks your terror radius. If a survivor rescues their hooked friend, they'll become Ghost Face's new object of obsession.

Ghost Face joins the likes of Halloween's Michael Myers and A Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Krueger in the ranks of licensed killers for Dead by Daylight. Behaviour is planning two more for the game, one of which drops in September and one in December. We're not sure who they'll be yet, so get your bets in for your favorite slasher franchises now. Jason Voorhees, anyone?

Will you be playing as Ghost Face in Dead by Daylight? Looking forward to fleeing from him in terror? Let us know in the comments below!

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