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Scottish-Themed Colony Sim 'Clanfolk' Arrives 2021

Published: August 12, 2021 3:58 PM



Space Pirates and Zombies developer MinMax Games has revealed its new project: Clanfolk, a Scottish-themed colony sim that's coming to PC via Steam later this year.

Clanfolk puts players in charge of a Scottish clan in the highlands of medieval Scotland. Featuring at least 200% more plaid than your average colony sim, this game already looks like it might be a pretty entertaining experience. Check out its announcement trailer!


Much like Dwarf Fortress and other colony sims, you'll start out with a handful of clansmen, some supplies, and a whole lot of wilderness to tame. You'll have to gather up resources, erect buildings, and establish a food supply as soon as you can to keep everyone alive and thriving.

Of course, this is a colony sim — that means you're going to have to take care of your clansmen's needs, too. These needs include "Hunger, Thirst, Sleep, Warmth, Cleanliness, Bathroom, Social, Fun, Beauty, and the inexplicable need for Plaid," although I think that last one might be tongue in cheek. It won't be an easy undertaking — you'll have to trade with neighboring clans, brave the four seasons, and deal with disasters such as fires.


This game will also have an aging mechanic; people will be born, grow old, and die. Juveniles have a learning bonus but work at a slower speed. Seniors, on the other hand, tend to have the highest skills and provide learning bonuses to other people working near them. (Naturally, Seniors work slower than Adults, too.)

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When is the Clanfolk Release Date?

The Clanfolk release date will be sometime in Q4 2021; MinMax Games has not yet announced a specific date. This game will be launching first on PC via Steam.

As far as colony sims go, this new title from MinMax Games looks like it has some interesting concepts that might make it worth playing. For now, you can add Clanfolk to your wishlist on Steam and learn more about it on its official website.

What do you think of Clanfolk? What's your favorite colony sim game to date? Let us know in the comments below!

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