Scorn Shows Off Next Gen Footage At Inside Xbox

Published: May 7, 2020 11:20 AM /


Scorn screenshot.

At Inside Xbox Presents, Scorn was announced today. It will be on Microsoft's Gamepass and will be published at a unspecified date.

The game will be developed by Ebb Software, and it is a first-person horror adventure game that is set in a "nightmarish" universe of "off forms and somber tapestry". It's designed around the idea of players being thrown into a dream-like world where they will have to explore inter-connected regions in a non-linear fashion.

The "unsettling environment" is described as a character itself, which seems reasonable given how nothing was said in the trailer, which focused almost entirely on how the world looks and how people interact with it. 

The world itself is described as a maze, with no storytelling by cutscenes. Instead, it's all taking place in-game where the player has to take an eagle-eye to the environment and make sure that they aren't missing anything, because apparently everything has a reason and purpose for being there, and it'll be up to the player to work it out.

The player will also be fully aware of their character's body and movement--objects will be picked up with the player's hands, and machines and instruments are operated by using the controls... whatever that's supposed to mean.

Speaking about the studio’s collaboration with Xbox, Scorn Game Director Ljubomir Peklar said:

“For us as developers it's imperative to present Scorn in the best way possible. The distinctive art style is only half the story - the other half is having all the technical parts of the game running smoothly. That’s where our partnership with Microsoft and their next generation Xbox Series X console comes in. Xbox Series X is an extremely capable piece of hardware that will enable us to run Scorn at 4k 60fps with all the graphical bells and whistles. Ease of development and raw processing power are the primary reasons we chose to go exclusively with Xbox Series X. Players on Series X will experience an uncompromising version of Scorn.”

There will be inventory and ammo management, which will be limited. Given too much, and the player won't be in the constant state of tension that the game is seemingly trying to push onto the player. Players will have to think before they fight and try to think on how their actions will affect the world around them. Players will also have to utilize different playing styles to advance forward, which is an interesting thing to consider. 

For more information, check out the Steam page for Scorn.

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