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Scorn Devs Apologize for 'Poorly Judged' Backer Update

November 8, 2021 2:15 PM

By: Robert N. Adams


Ebb Software has apologized for a "poorly judged" Kickstarter backer update that upset many of the game's fans and instigated a wave of refund requests from people who backed the game on the crowdfunding platform.

Scorn is an upcoming first-person horror game that looks like it sprung straight out of H.R. Giger's dream journal. The game was first shown off during a 2020 Inside Xbox event alongside other cool games like The Ascent. The devs made a particular point of noting the tech improvements of the Xbox Series X helped make it easier to bring it to consoles.




Since then, Ebb Software has been relatively radio silent on what's been going on with development -- that is, until yesterday. A backer update was released on Kickstarter to apprise the community of what's going on. Unfortunately, this backer update didn't do the best job of communicating with backers, spurring a wave of refund requests.

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Ebb Software Apologizes for 'Hostile Tone' in Scorn Backer Update

Scorn backer update released on Friday broke down the situation with the game's development and noted that it would be delayed to 2022. That's not particularly odd; what is strange, however, is the tone of its messaging.

"And for the end, a bit of friendly advice: If lack of communication is so bothersome just ask for a refund and be done with it. It's just a game. You can play it when it's out if you are still interested," read the final sentence of the update.



As one might expect, there were more than a few people who were all too happy to follow that suggestion and a wave of refund requests popped up in the comments. The poor reception of Friday's backer update led to Ebb Software's CEO issuing a quick apology and a promise to address specific concerns.

Reading through again it was clear that the hostile tone it was written in should not be how we should express ideas or plans to people that help us out.  We may be tired, confused[,] and frustrated at our own ineptitude, but there is no reason to lash out at you. For that[,] I personally apologise. I will do my best for this kind of outburst not to happen again. - Ebb Software CEO Ljubomir Peklar

Peklar followed through on his promise to address specific concerns raised by the community with a new backer update released today, expanding on its apology for the less than ideal communication and promising to be more open with the game's community in the future. Going forward, Ebb Software will add a dedicated community support role to its team. Furthermore, it pledges to provide monthly "deep dives" to explain what's going on with the game.

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Scorn Release Date Delayed to Next Year

Poor communication aside, let's not forget a key point in the backer update: the Scorn release date has been delayed to sometime in 2022. More details about the delay will be shared on December 10, 2021.



For now, there's not much else to do but wait for Scorn to launch in 2022. You can add Scorn to your wishlist on Steam and you can learn more about the game on its official website.

What do you think of Ebb Software's response to its contentious Scorn backer update? Do you think the game will be able to deliver on the vision shown in trailers thus far? Let us know in the comments below!

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