Sci-Fi Detective Adventure Between Horizons Announced

Published: October 28, 2022 12:09 PM /


Between Horizons Header image of the player Stella running through the ship

A new in-depth investigative adventure game, Between Horizons, has been announced for release next year. The game comes equipped with a complex clue system, a story-rich narrative, and the chance for players to choose how their tale ends. 

Between Horizons was announced at the MIX NEXT publisher showcase by developers at DigiTales Interactive, who are also known for their work on another story-driven complex experience by the name of Lacuna. Much like this new game, Lacuna sees players traverse a 2D sci-fi noir environment to solve a mystery, although in that case, it's a grisly murder.

Between Horizons image, where we see several people gathered around large glowing orange statues in the streets

In Between Horizons, players take on the life of Stella who has inherited the role of Chief of Security aboard the Zephyr, a ship heading towards a distant star. An unknown threat looms aboard the ship, and it is up to Stella to make as much progress as possible in putting the pieces of the puzzle back together to make the future Chief of Security's job easier.

Each decision made by the player will drastically affect both the outcome of the game and the lives of those aboard the ship. With a series of complex decisions and thought-provoking scenarios, players will learn to choose their path wisely, lest they force the crew to endure a grisly fate. 

The devs have also stated that in this game, failure is "very much an option"; the game gives no second chances, and your choices are locked in once they are made. The game will perform an auto-save the moment a player makes a choice, giving no ability to turn back the clock later on down the line.

Between Horizons is set to release sometime in Q4 next year and will be available for play on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. To learn more about what's to come and stay updated on the game's progress, check out the Steam page


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