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Published: May 26, 2020 1:14 PM /


Button City video games cover

Button City is an upcoming game from the indie developer Subliminal featuring an adorable diorama world for players to explore — and you'll be able to get it on Steam this year.

Check out the Button City Reveal Trailer for a first look at this game featuring a bunch of furry friends!

In Button City, you and your friends have formed the "Fluff Squad", a group of adorable animals who like to hang out and have fun. Unfortunately, the local arcade is closing down, and you'll have to do everything in your power to save it!

This game is a huge homage to classic arcade games, and what little we saw in the Wholesome Games Direct indicates that we'll be able to experience games like that as we play — but there's much more than just that.

Button City DEJA VU

Save Button City from the Greedy Peppermint Pepperbottom

You'll take on the role of Fennel the fox, joined by his low-poly animal friends in a "diorama" sort of world. The various bits and pieces of this game are layered in levels one on top of the other, and each will have something interesting for you to explore.

Unfortunately, a greedy fat cat (perhaps literally, in this case) named Peppermint Pepperbottom wants to close down the local arcade. It's up to Fennel and his friends to save it, and you'll be able to play some of the games. Examples include a drift-racing game and some kind of experience where you can whack enemies like an ARPG.

That aside, players will also be able to explore the city itself. You can make friends, solve puzzles, and complete other quests in your journey to save your local hangout from being shut down.

You'll be able to get it on Steam when it launches sometime in 2020. You should go ahead and add Button City to your wishlist on Steam! You can find out more about this game at

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