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Satellite Reign

Coming to you soon is another game from the Kickstarter line up hitting the Steam Early Access shelves. Created by the creators of Syndicate Wars and clearly inspired by it, Satellite Reign is releasing on Steam Early Access today!

Satellite Reign is a real-time class-based strategy game, where you control a team of four operatives in a cyberpunk city. Like most such city's it is a bleak place - society is ran by mega corporations who create rules to keep them in power, the poor are kept in deep, hidden depths, and the middle class lives in a workaday life with some cushyness but unable to see how controlled their lives are. Those who do, must be wary of the corporate police who look for anyone who endangers the status quo.

In any such regime though, resistance will eventually raise. The most skilled people, who refuse to work within the system will rise and fight for what they believe - whatever it may be. In Satellite Reign you control this mysterious organization and decide in the open world what it will be seeking. Whether it wants to take control from the corporations so it can exploit the people, free the masses from the tyrannical corporations, or get a seat at the table itself, its up to you to decide.

Satellite Reign focuses heavily on an open, emergent city that reacts to what you do as well as having its own life. The city is a full simulation of one, with people on their own schedules, power grids and lines powering stuff, days being heavily policed, and nights being where the criminals dwell. Beyond having its own living world, it will notice what you and your organization will do. The police, soldiers, civilians, react to what is going on around them and from the hints of it, if you keep going after the power grids before stealing something and donating it to the poor... they might start stepping up the guards on those and putting infiltrators in where you are giving away the money.

You choose the missions you take. You choose the methods that you go about to resolve them from brute force, to stealth, to political pressures, or even more.

Satellite Reign was funded originally on Kickstarter in July 2013 and today is going public on Steam Early Access at about 5 pm Eastern. You can see a trailer for it below, and I suggest reading their site if you want more information about the game in general.


Are you looking forward to Satellite Reign? Do you have any fond memories of Syndicate or Syndicate Wars? Are you going to be picking this up in Early Access?

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