Sandbox TRPG Sands of Salzaar 1.0 Update Launches

Published: December 16, 2021 4:30 PM /


Sands of Salzaar 1.0 release cover

The Sands of Salzaar 1.0 Update has finally launched, bringing a ton of changes to the tactical RPG including a new game mode, new quests, a skill rework, and more.

Early last year, Sands of Salzaar surprisingly debuted as one of the top games on Steam. Its popularity only exploded further when the developers released an official English translation a few months later. The growth of Asian-developed games in the West has been impressive, such as with Genshin Impact raking in over $150 million on just one update.


Now, the Early Access development for Han-Squirrel Studio has finally completed. The Sands of Salzaar 1.0 Update has arrived -- and boy is it packed with a ton of changes.

What's New in the Sands of Salzaar 1.0 Update?

The Sands of Salzaar 1.0 Updatemarks the end of the game's Early Access development period -- and it also features the debut of a ton of new content and changes.

The biggest addition to the game is a new "sandbox mode" which allows you to explore the massive desert without worrying about making any plot choices. That said, you'll still need to take on the inevitable invasion of the Ifrit Ghouls.


A bit more variety is coming, too, with the addition of three difficulty levels:

- Normal: Recommended for newbies. With such difficulty setting, you could enjoy the main story and exploration more without struggling with your life.

- Hard: Recommended for experienced travelers. AI factions will be smarter, and travelers will face more challenges, such as higher damage in battles, limited times to dodge roll, etc. And more skills are needed to recruit NPCs.

- Epic: Recommended for hardcore travelers. AI factions will become extremely difficult to deal with, and they will recruit top-tier soldiers, deploy teams and launch attacks dynamically. You will face great difficulty in the journey.

New and old players alike will appreciate the addition of five random quests, tournaments, and the ability to brawl in taverns. (After all, who doesn't love a good barfight every now and again?)

Other changes include a full rework of all character skills, adjustments to bosses and enemies, and more; you can read the full Sands of Salzaar 1.0 Update patch notes for all the fine details (via Reddit). If you're keen on slaying a few thousand enemies from an isometric perspective, you can buy Sands of Salzaar on Steam for just $8.99 or your regional equivalent, a 40% discount off of its normal price.


What do you think of the changes and additions in the Sands of Salzaar 1.0 Update? What do you hope to see in future patches? Let us know in the comments below!

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