Sandbox Block Racer Trailmakers Takes Off on September 18th

Published: September 4, 2019 1:48 PM /


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Today, developer Flashbulb Games announced that their title Trailmakers will release on Steam and Xbox One on September 18, 2019, after 100,000 sales and 1,000 positive reviews on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview.

In Trailmakers, players are able to create their own creations out of physics-based blocks, ranging from race cars, giant robots, and airplanes. Players are then able to take them into large-scale player versus player battles, races, or out to explore a vast alien planet.

Newly added at launch is a campaign mode called Stranded in Space, which will include a 10-20 hour playtime that will take players across floating islands, lethal wildlife, and underwater and lava environments. Players can also share blueprints for what they have created.

“The community has created some absolutely amazing things so far,” says Mikkel Thorsted, Creative Director at Flashbulb Games. “We’ve had an autonomous car, block-based versions of Pong and Battleships, and a machine that built a monorail track. There have also been a ton of hydrofoils, ornithopters, railguns, and Boston Dynamics-esque walking robots. One player even built a three-stage rocket that turned into an orbiting Tesla by the end!”
Along with the new campaign mode, players will be able to play sandbox, racing, and competitive multiplayer maps. Other modes, along with new vehicle parts and skins, are in development.

Trailmakers is currently available on Steam and Humble Bundle for $24.99. It will be available on the Xbox One and PC on September 18.

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Quick Take:

This looks like an interesting game. It's not for me, but I can definitely see its appeal. Building, sharing, and battling with your own creations is a compelling idea, and it looks as though Trailmakers is definitely on the right track for creating a lasting and fun experience. 

What do you think of Trailmakers? Have you played it? Are you interested in playing it? Let us know in the comments!

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