[Updated] Salt and Sacrifice Price Changes Happen At Launch

For countries like Brazil, the recently-released Salt and Sacrifice has seen a massive price increase.

Published: May 11, 2022 11:58 AM /


Salt and Sacrifice

Update 5/16 5:53 AM: Ska Studios has sent out a statement stating that no prices changed following the launch of the game, and that the change was not due to any platform holder. In the statement they say,

Developers Ska Studios and Devoured Studios apologize for any confusion regarding the price correction prior to Salt and Sacrifice's launch and as a two-person development team, remain focused on supporting the game following a successful launch.

We have updated some of the wording in the article to match that and will further update this story if we learn more about it. Original story below

The worldwide Salt and Sacrifice price has seen a significant increase in some countries for its official release on the Epic Game Store (EGS) and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. According to Ska Studios, this is because the prices on the EGS were "much lower than Sony", and they were thus forced to match the game's prices on all platforms. This is both good and bad news for different countries because for places like Brazil have seen a 276% price increase from R$37.99 to R$104.90. What's weird is that it isn't all bad, with Great Britain's price dropping from £15.99 GBP to £12.99. 

There's a bunch of places that have seen changes according to both gg.deals and this Reddit post. For instance, Canada's price has increased from $21.99 to $26.99. In Turkey, the game could be pre-ordered for 33 Turkish Liras, but now it's available for 153 Turkish Liras. Whew. Talk about a price increase, eh? India has been hard hit by this as well, with its price increasing from ₹450 to ₹1331 Indian rupees. That's pretty systematic, and Shane Lynch, the co-owner of Ska Studios, explains he "can't actually control individual prices on Sony, so some of it had to go up or down".

Shane Lynch Discord

Quick Take:

With the Salt and Sacrifice price doing the impression of a yo-yo, this will most likely put a bad taste in the mouth of those who didn't pre-order the game and gamers in general. It's sad, because the game looks to be pretty good, but this is extremely poor communication that should've been addressed before the release, not after in a Discord post. There's been no official announcement explaining this, so most fans are in the dark on what just happened. If that changes, we'll let you know.

For more information on the Salt and Sacrifice price and everything in between, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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