Saints Row Update Aims To Fix The Jank Next Month

Published: October 11, 2022 12:12 PM /


A player riding on top of a car and firing at an enemy with an assault rifle in Saints Row

A new Saints Row update is in the pipeline, and it's aiming to fix some of the game's legendary bugs and glitches. Volition says that while it would prefer to be discussing roadmaps and game expansions, the focus right now is on improving "the Saints Row experience" this year and into 2023.

Like Cyberpunk 2077Saints Row met with derision and scorn on release, with players decrying its numerous bugs and glitches. Now, it looks like Volition is hoping for a similar redemption arc to Cyberpunk 2077's, as the studio has revealed an update due for Saints Row in November. It's intended to fix "community-reported issues" and make improvements based on player feedback.

Volition doesn't specify exactly which bugs and glitches it's prioritizing fixes for, but the studio does say that the Saints Row November update will have more than 200 bug squashes and stability fixes, and that "challenges, overall stability, and co-op" will be the primary focus points for the update. There's also work underway to ensure that you're better informed as to when and how to engage with Saints Row co-op (Row-op?), as players have apparently been struggling with that aspect of the game.

Four characters standing side-by-side against a brick wall in Saints Row
These four have found each other alright, but many Saints Row players are struggling to team up with their buddies in co-op.

As well as bug fixes and stability improvements, Volition is also focusing on making challenges more rewarding, reducing repetition in activities, and improving vehicle management systems, as well as a "revamp of rumble and haptic features". The studio says "bigger and better improvements" are also in the works, but that the focal points for this update are quick wins while you wait for more fundamental overhauls.

If you are still playing Saints Row and you're after some more cosmetics, Volition has you covered. While new content isn't a priority right now, the new Front to Back Pack will launch this week, and it's free for everyone, so all you need to do is download it from your respective storefront. More cosmetics are coming, too, whether as free downloads for all players or as part of the Expansion Pass, which you'll be able to buy later this month if you didn't already get it as part of Saints Row's several special editions.

Next year, Saints Row is getting new story content, as well as "new gameplay experiences and areas of the city to explore". This stuff is due to arrive alongside regular quality-of-life updates that should improve your Saints Row experience, too. If you did play Saints Row and bounced off it, as many gamers did, then you might want to keep an eye on Volition's update schedule for the right time to hop back into Santo Ileso.


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