Sail The Seas With Your Mateys In Pirate's Dynasty

Yo ho ho, is a pirate's life for you? Find out when Pirate's Dynasty releases next year.

Published: December 21, 2022 9:39 AM /


Key art for Pirate's Dynasty depicting a pirate and a ship

Are you ready for another Toplitz Dynasty title? Well, in Pirate's Dynasty, you'll be able to sail through the Caribbean as opposed to going Medieval or riding a horse in the Wild West. This time around you can build ships, cities, and do your best to survive naval combat with your foes. While the game has a single-player component, there's also co-op, so you and some friends can set sail together in "huge procedurally generated worlds", which sounds pretty neat.

As a captain, you'll be building up your reputation and your base, which means you'll need to build up a crew and attract citizens to your base. You'll also have to work at keeping them happy while you try to become the most notorious pirate ever, which might be a tall task, but it's still worth giving a try, right, matey?

A pirate captain and his crew sail toward a sunsetting horizon.
Man the guns!

Robin Gibbels, Head of Producing, Toplitz Productions, had this to say about Pirate's Dynasty:

Pirates, sea battles, tropical islands and the vastness of the ocean have long fascinated us. We knew that combined with the series concept, something very unique would emerge. Fishing in the waters of pirate games is no small feat. But we're confident that with our approach we can live up to the expectations of a Dynasty title and place ourselves in the ranks of well known pirate games.

Originally, your character was capsized and left to die, with you and your crew left stranded on an island that's seemingly deserted in the tropical sea. While there are dangers on both the land and sea, if you can survive you can gradually expand your sphere of influence as you begin your raids. You can also explore tropical islands and discover their secrets and perhaps even find some buried treasure. After all, 'X' marks the spot, right?

Pirate's Dynasty will launch in Q3 2023, so be sure to wishlist the game on Steam if becoming a pirate captain and sailing the Caribbean is something that you're interested in. 

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