SAG-AFTRA Members to Picket Insomniac Games 11/17

Published: November 16, 2016 5:10 PM /



Following recent pickets at the headquarters of Electronic Arts Publishing, Inc., WB Games, Inc., and VoiceWorks Productions, Inc., in which 700 members of the union turned out to protest unfair industry working conditions, a media alert from SAG-AFTRA organizers has revealed the union's plans to picket Insomniac Games, Inc.

The SAG-AFTRA union strike began on October 21, 2016, when negotiations between the National Board of Directors and voice actor employers failed due to employers "steadfastly refus(ing) to reach a fair deal during our contract negotiations" and that "based on past experience, we are not confident management is willing to make the changes necessary to bring this contract up to the standards of our other agreements". SAG-AFTRA has declared its strike against the following video game employers:

  • Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Blindlight, LLC
  • Corps of Discovery Films
  • Disney Character Voices, Inc.
  • Electronic Arts Productions, Inc.
  • Formosa Interactive, LLC
  • Insomniac Games, Inc.
  • Interactive Associates, Inc.
  • Take 2 Interactive Software
  • VoiceWorks Productions, Inc.
  • WB Games, Inc. 
Projects from these companies that went into production on or before February 17, 2015 won't be included in this strike.

The Insomniac Games, Inc. picket will take place on November 17, 2016, at the Burbank, California headquarters of Insomniac Games, Inc. from 11:30 A.M. PST to 1:30 P.M. PST. There is currently no information available on which company the union intends to picket next.

Our readers can find more information on the SAG-AFTRA strike in our recent articles on the subject.

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Quick Take

I'll be completely honest, I had almost completely forgotten that SAG-AFTRA was on strike. Their last picket was on November 3, 2016 against WB Games, Inc., and VoiceWorks Productions, Inc., and the Electronic Arts Publishing, Inc. picket was on October 24, 2016. I'm guessing that SAG-AFTRA was looking to avoid being caught up with the election and then the post-election protests, but it's not good for the union's momentum to be going weeks without any action.

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