Sacred Fire Takes Players to Historical Caledonia Next Year

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The Romans are one of the most fascinating and important civilizations in history. Many historical games like to let players take control of Romans, but it's easy to forget they also did a fair bit of brutal conquering.

In Sacred Fire, players will experience this period as an enemy of the empire. Listen to Doug Cockle, the voice of Geralt of Rivia, introduce the game here.

Sacred Fire is a "psychological choice-driven RPG" developed by Poetic Studios and published by Iceberg Interactive. This RPG, which launches next year, allows to create and take control of a Caledonian warrior fighting for their homeland.

As a story-based game, Sacred Fire promises a wide array of options to craft your story and be the warrior you want to be. Character customization allows you to choose a male or female and each character has RPG staples for stats like strength, agility, and more. There's also stats like trauma and rage, so there appears to be depth in the types of character you can play.

In battle, players will take advantage of the enemy's psyche; for example, you can intimidate or provoke the enemy. Outside of combat, you can use diplomacy to become allies with characters, and there also seems to be a wide array of choices for interacting with friendly NPCs.

On the story side of things, Sacred Fire has multiple endings and "major achievements," so there's going to be a lot of replay value for players.

Poetic Studios' first game, Sacred Fire, comes out next year, and just signed with Iceberg Interactive to publish it. For those who enjoy a game where every choice counts, or want to experience a narrative that isn't explored often in this medium, look out for its release next year on PC. You can also find the game's Steam page by clicking here.

Are you interested in Sacred Fire? What kind of character do you want to make? Are you a fan of the Caledonian versus Roman setting? Let us know in the comments below!

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