RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Rises Onto Steam

Published: December 31, 2015 5:02 PM /



RWBY: Grimm Eclipse has recently passed through Steam Greenlight and entered early access. Developed in-house by creator and longtime internet media company Rooster Teeth, of Red Vs Blue fame, RWBY first incarnated as a 3D animated show in a heavily anime-influenced style. Now, the story and universe of RWBY are being reinvented as a game, with mechanics drawn from such inspirations as the mass combat of Dynasty Warriors and the team-vs-horde elements of Left 4 Dead. The game promises to have it's own storyline separate from the series', but nevertheless revolving around the titular four of Team RWBY as a four-player cooperative brawler featuring new enemies, new locations, and a new antagonist.


Since Rooster Teeth are the animators, writers, and in many cases the talent of the show, as well as the developers of the game, it will feature voice work from the original VAs and hold as true as possible to the original visual style and canon. Since last year's unfortunate death of series creator and lead writer Monty Oum, figures close to production have promised that new work on the property will continue to follow his original vision, and the storyline and events of this game will continue to tie in with that.

Combat, again as in the show, is mostly melee-based and revolves around the four girls of Team RWBY's signature fighting styles, which are themed around various real-world martial arts. In addition, devs have promised "MOBA style micro-progression. Each character has a unique skill tree of special abilities they can level up".


Praised by many reviewers on Steam as visually appealing and holding true to the source material, Grimm Eclipse recently received it's second update. For any fans of the series who also enjoy musou-like battles or cooperative online play, it's sure to be a good choice. If anyone wants to see the source material, episodes of RWBY are featured through Rooster Teeth's website and YouTube channel.

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is available in early access through Steam


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