Rust Update Adds Military Bases To Raid for Goodies

This month's Rust update adds in procedural military bases containing MLRS equipment, which will be different on every server and every wipe.

Published: November 5, 2021 10:03 AM /


Rust military base

In November 2021's Rust update, procedural desert military bases have been added into the game. The bases will all MLRS equipment that will be different on every server and every wipe. To accomplish this, the bases are built "from a pool of individual modules and fill 4 different templates." The bases will also have a few points of entry for players to access, along with some oil and resistance from the scientists that can be found in the latest Rust update. Nice!

Interestingly, while this Rust update is above water, the August and September Rust updates have been underwater, with October's Rust update introducing a mission system. What am I getting at? Well, don't expect too much rhyme or correlation with these recent Rust updates because they're all over the place. Not that that is a bad thing, but I'm sure some Rust players have been getting whiplash with the wildly different updates. November's Rust update-with procedural desert military bases-is as far as you can get from underwater bases. It's kind of neat, actually, as the "let's add whatever seems the most interesting" approach at the very least makes these updates interesting to cover.


Speaking of most interesting, the MLRS stands for Multiple Launch Rocket System, which can be set up to fire at any target except for safe zones. It doesn't move-despite it being a vehicle-but it can and will do a lot of damage to bases. If you want to counter them you'll need two SAM sites, or three if you want to fight them off entirely.

Other improvements and fixes include undo and redo support for painting, a search option for browsing shops in the marketplace, and hand gesture support while crouching. The last one is definitely the most fun, especially if you and a few buddies come up with some kind of communication/language with the hand gestures that only you guys know. It would be useful during combat... just sayin'.

For next month, the next major Rust update (which will take place on or after December 2, 2021), will have a blueprint wipe across all servers. There will also be a bunch of lower populated Facepunch servers that are going to be retired as well.

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