Running With Speed: The Fastest Gamers on Earth Highlights Unique Way To Game

Today speedrunning documentary Running With Speed was released showcasing the origins of Speedrunning games up to the present day landscape with big events like GamesDoneQuick

Published: January 6, 2023 7:34 AM /


The Key Art for Speedrunning documentary Running With Speed

Speedrunning video games is an interesting group within the larger gaming landscape. It's not just about getting a higher K/D ratio on Call of Duty, or showing the most skill in a fighting game, but by pitting the player against the game it's beating the game as fast as physically possible or completing some kind of challenge within the game world. Speedrunning has continued to grow in popularity as events like Games Done Quick continues to pull in more viewers but for those interested in getting the whole picture Wild Arrow Media, in conjunction with Good Deed Entertainment has released the documentary Running with Speed: The Fastest Gamers on Earth.

This documentary spends a lot of time on the inception of speedrunning, and how streaming platforms such as Twitch have brought what might have been a cool party trick to show friends in your home to a global audience. Patrick Lope, the director of Running with Speed explained "With the onset of streaming platforms like Twitch, select runners are finding ways to make a living from their persistent endeavors. It’s both uncanny and remarkable.” Speedrunners' journeys who are highlighted throughout the documentary include AndrewG, Mitchflowerpower, SpikeVegeta, GlitchCat7, GrandPooBear, and many others. The documentary also covers the first Games Done Quick and the legacy that these events have led to donating more than $41 million to Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. 

By taking the time to set up what Speedrunning is at the start, giving viewers a working foundation of knowledge before diving deep enough into Speedrunning to explain how pixel-perfect jumps and sequence breaking are so important to get the best possible times while speedrunning games like Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Metroid. Whether you're brand new to Speedrunning or have been tuning in to AGDQ for years chances are this documentary will have something new for you to learn.

This documentary is available now for Apple TV, iTunes, Amazon, Google, YouTube Movies, Vudu, and on Microsoft Stores. In partnership with Games Done Quick, a portion of the proceeds for each sale will also be donated to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

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