RuneScape Developer Launches DarkScape - Open World, PvP Anywhere

Published: September 16, 2015 5:53 PM /



The developer and publisher of RuneScape, Jagex, announced today a new version of the famous free to play MMO where the whole world is PvP, and follows Wilderness rules. DarkScape is available now for free on RuneScape's website.

DarkScape is "kill or be killed." PvP is always an option to players who want to try their luck against other opponents. If a player is in a town, the guards that patrol there will protect them, but players are still at risk of death should the guards not help in time. 

The DarkScape world is split into three regions. Each region has its own economy and grand exchange. In DarkScape, the only way to transport goods form one region to another is to journey on food. This creates a huge risk, but with that comes greater rewards for transporting precious resources. DarkScape contains most of RuneScape's content. Players will start at level 1, and RuneScape members receive additional benefits for faster progression. These include receiving 1.5 times XP, extra bank spaces, and more items kept on death.

RuneScape fans, and those interested in trying Darkscape, can play now. All players start at level 1, so new players won't be walking into a lions den. Jagex wanted to try "something new" with DarkScape, something "not possible in RuneScape."

With DarkScape, we're trying something new and exciting, taking RuneScape's wealth of content and changing the fundamental rules to create a whole new experience – something not possible in RuneScape itself.

DarkScape will not be updated with future RuneScape content, and it will have its own updates in the future. DarkScape will not take time out of RuneScape development.

Question: Will developing DarkScape take time out of RuneScape development?

Answer: Not at all. We have only a few people working on DarkScape for now, with support from others in their personal projects time. If DarkScape proves to be popular, we will restructure or build the dedicated team as necessary without impacting RuneScape’s update cadence.

What are your thoughts on DarkScape? If you play RuneScape, are you going to try to play both? Or commit to one? Let us know in the comments below!

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