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Yesterday DualPixels posted an article with tons of new Nintendo NX information. They recivied this information from their often used source Geno. Geno has provided DualPixels with quite a few leaks in the past such as saying Nintendo would release a fully 3D Pokémon game (Pokémon X and Y), that in the new Pokémon game there would be a new type (Fairy), older Pokémon would get new abilities and forms (all three original starters, Mewtwo), Playstation 4 would be able to put out modern day graphics on a DirectX11 level "like Unreal Engine 4", and that Microsoft was creating an omni projection unit that would project game environments in nearly 360-degrees around the user (Illumiroom). 

So Geno has proven himself in the past when it comes to the information he provides, but that does not mean you shouldn't take every leak with a healthy grain of salt. Geno has provided a good amount of information about the general ecosystem that Nintendo is looking to build around the NX and compares it to the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of power. Geno also had a message about the overall atmosphere surrounding the development of the NX: 

I don’t have many details on the device itself but I do have some background for it and some PR techniques they will use for it. A thing to note about this device is that much of it’s production was started in 2014 and many of the stuff I list here was outlined by the late Satoru Iwata before his passing. Hence in the company, the NX is considered the last project of their late president. Employees since his passing utter a phrase at the end of meetings and during idea brainstorms which is “岩田のために!” which roughly translates “For Iwata!”

Having the Nintendo NX be a farewell project for Satoru Iwata is heart-warming sentiment and hopefully it will show through when the NX finally gets released.

Firstly, is the Nintendo NX's wireless HDMI dongle that will attach flush to the back, it will work with any display with a normal sized HDMI output, and it uses an more advanced version of the Wii U's technology to display in HD on the screen. Next is that the analog controls will have motors in them for full haptic feedback when playing games, such as firing a gun, driving, or taking damage. lastly in terms of hardware specifics the NX will be able to Bluetooth sync with just about anything from smart phones to tablets. Geno says that the NX, if synced with a phone, will be able to answer phone calls and display text messages. 

When it comes to comparing the NX to the PS4 and Xbox One Geno states that the "closest in terms of 'power' it gets is the Xbox One," but he also says that when it comes to apps they are like the Wii U x50 and Playstation Vita x100. The NX's hardware layout is basically the same as the Xbox One and PS4, along with Nintendo's OS's "strong emulation functions and compiler," allows the NX to run almost any game that a PS4 or Xbox One can run. Allegedly this is the reason for Nintendo giving out the dev kits so late, with one 3rd party developer reportedly saying to Geno, "It's the easiest device we've ever developed for. You just take your code, compile it and it works."

 Geno ment to look at Pokémon GO for how the social features of the NX will function and will put multiplayer, AR, and StreetPass on a "whole new level". Lastly in terms of overall functionality Geno states that it's major strengths are "...usability and ease of use." saying that visually and functionally developers have said it's as if "Samsung and the Nintendo 2DS" combined. The operating system is called NintendOS, has many modern features similar to mobile operating systems, and has networking functions that tie multiple devices together and create a "pervasive ecosystem designed to constantly involve the consumer's lives." 

What do you think of these rumors? Do you think they past the smell test? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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