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Published: October 8, 2016 8:07 PM /



It looks like Overwatch's upcoming new hero, Sombra, has been leaked ahead of schedule. This might be all part of Blizzard's plan, since the leak seems to look like a hacker got the Sombra details from infiltrating Blizzard's systems. A picture that looked like it was taken after getting into an internal Blizzard website was posted to various sites including Imgur, Deviant Art, and Reddit. The image shows what appears to be Sombra herself with a brief description, although cut-off in the image, of Sombra's background.

It looks like Sombra has ties to the Los Muertos gang from the Solider: 76 short movie. Her short bio also makes mention of how she "lost everything" during the Omnic Crisis, and was operating with Los Muertos until she had to go underground after attracting too much attention. It seems she was then recruited by Talon which might suggest that she and Reaper may have some history between them.

Sombra Details

The image also makes mention of "Zomnics and Dr. Junkenstein's evil allies" at the top which could be a reference to the special Halloween seasonal event that was leaked earlier this week. It seems to be referencing a special Halloween Brawl game mode set up like a hoard mode game on Eichenwald.

The name "Dr. Junkenstein" is also found in the new Overwatch comic that was leaked today (not a great day for Blizzard, if all this wasn't planned). The comic (in Portuguese) shows what looks like a Halloween party being held by the original Overwatch team. You can see Jack Morrison (Spirit of 76), Ana Amari (Pirate), Mercy (Witch), Reinhardt (Military Uniform), Torbjorn (Viking), and Gabriel Reyes (Jack-O-Lantern head guy) , with Reinhardt telling a ghost story about "Dr. Junkenstein" who is Junkrat in a Dr. Frankenstein outfit creating a Frankenstein's Monster RoadHog. The way the heroes look in the comic could be hints at what each heroes Halloween skins will be when the event begins.


The leaked Sombra image says that she will be "hacking her way into the build later tonight", but without a date on when this post was supposed to be for we have no way of knowing if that "tonight" is October 8 or not. So keep an eye out in case this was all on purpose and Sombra arrives in Overwatch tonight.

We have reached out to Blizzard for comment and will update if we learn more.

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