[Rumor] Rabbids/Mario RPG Crossover Coming for Nintendo Switch

Published: November 18, 2016 3:48 PM /


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It's in front of everyone's eyes that Nintendo finally decided to loose the grip on their licenses a little bit lately. The most notable example we had this year is Pokémon GO. Even with that in mind, few would have thought that Ubisoft and Nintendo were going to join forces (and licenses) to make an RPG crossover of Super Mario and the Raving Rabbids as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch. It turns out that's what it's actually happening according to what sources in both Ubisoft and Nintendo reported to letsplayvideogames.

The game is currently known under the temporary name of Mario RPG: Invasion of the Rabbids. According to the sources, it's going to be a turn-based RPG in which the Rabbids will invade the Mushroom Kingdom and not all of them will be friendly. The main playable party will be composed of both familiar characters and new ones with a particular focus on Yoshi as a main character along with a playable Rabbid. There will be, of course, numerous cameos as well from both the franchises. Even Bowser will be getting a restyling with some aesthetic features taken from the Rabbids franchise and will be present in the game as a recurring boss fight.

For those who are worried about how their favorite Mario characters could be depicted in a crossover like this, fear not. Apparently, Nintendo is keeping a close eye on the project to make sure that their IP is depicted in line with their internal guidelines.

Nintendo intends to use this game as an example of the potentiality of their new System. For example, the console's JoyCons will vibrate when a Rabbid jumps in or out of the screen, implying that the Switch is overrun by those little pests that in any moment could come out and influence the gameplay. A playable demo for the press will be reportedly available in January. It may be a great chance for Nintendo to show what their latest creature is capable of.

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