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Nintendo Switch

We've got a couple of Nintendo Switch rumors that we're going tackle, as more information continues to leak about Nintendo's upcoming home hybrid console. It's important to note that these are rumors, and that we have not been able to confirm them ourselves, and obviously, Nintendo hasn't said anything about it either.

The first comes from Laura K. Dale, and it has to do with the launch line up and titles in the early period of the Switch's line up. These are likely to be incomplete and just a portion of what is coming, but you can see the full picture that she tweeted with what's coming for the Switch below:


Some of this meshes up with other information that has come out. For example, Mario Rabbids RPG project has also been leaked by Eurogamer, meaning we have several different sources confirming that this coming. Similarly, Pokemon Stars has been leaked before as well. Telltale's Guardian of the Galaxy game was spotted in the list of titles revealed from the SAG-AFTRA strike, Beyond Good & Evil has been confirmed to be in pre-production by Ubisoft in the past. Regarding, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there has been other information coming out about it being delayed as well, with the word being that it is targeting a June launch, most recently spread when Target leaked a release date of June 13th on their website.

On Mario Kart for the Switch, we've also heard from Emily Rogers about that, with some more details on what it would have on the new console. It would contain all the content and DLC from the Wii U version, in addition to brand new tracks, characters, and a revamping of the battle mode for the game. She also mentions that it would be targeting a release within the first 3 months of the Switch's lifespan.

Further elaborating some on it, Laura K Dale explained that the Xenoblade X port would not be handled by Monolith Soft. Instead, they are working on a new project that we will be seeing in 2018.

Now, if you're wondering how much the Nintendo Switch will cost, perhaps because of the title, we do have some rumors and information on that coming around. This also originated with Laura Dale on her website Letsplayvideogames, wherein she reported that GAME has gotten the wholesale price for the Nintendo Switch and had decided to set the price for the base model at £199.99. A separate SKU, with more memory and a packed in game (likely Splatoon) would be targeting £249.99. Continuing on that line, Laura said that Nintendo was planning for the Switch to be close to direct price conversion across regions, meaning that the US would likely be seeing prices around $249.99 for the base unit and $299.99 for the upgraded one.

Further hints about the price emerged today when UK retailer GameSeek put up a Nintendo Switch Pre-Order page, with a price guarantee at £198.50. That means everyone who pre-orders now is locked in at that price point, which would be very close to what GAME is targeting, giving a bit of further confirmation on what the price range for the device is likely to be.

Quick Take

The launch line up here seems like it would be decent, although Zelda missing would be a hit. I have to say that Splatoon as a port and pack in makes a ton of sense; it is Nintendo's biggest new IP and a draw for both casual and core gamers. It managed to get a really big entrance on the Wii U's limited install base, with over one third of Wii U owners having a copy of the game as it passed 4 million sales. Targeting there would also explain how Nintendo's support approach to Splatoon changed, with it going on a bit longer to grow the IP and then cutting off to focus on additions for the updated release, which would hopefully have a bigger market to target.

Ports of big Wii U games make a ton of sense here because of that limited sales reach; when the remaining Wii U's sell out (production is done), it won't pass 13-13.5m sales total. Just like they've used 3DS ports to get some reach, going to the Switch will let them put their highly regarded and well-received games on a platform that they hope will have a larger audience than the Wii U was able to acquire. Going to the Switch means that instead of facing downgrades as 3DS versions did, they are instead getting upgrades for the port, which will be nice for those who bought the games previously.

As for the price, it looks like a good spot. I'm a bit surprised on the $249 point but given the price drops that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have seen, it makes a lot of sense and it gives it a good competitive price point that is very reasonable.

What do you think of the rumored Nintendo Switch line up? Do you think the price point makes sense? Are you interested in a Nintendo Switch? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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