[Rumor] Nintendo Switch Performance Rumors, Accessories Listed

Published: December 7, 2016 1:20 PM /



Today a few new bits of information were discovered about the upcoming Nintendo Switch console, showing the first accessory for the Switch and a new rumor on the console's performance when docked.

The information about the first accessory for the Switch comes courtesy of wccftech who caught the listing on EB Games Australia's website before they were quickly taken down. The accessories were by third party gaming accessory manufacturer @Play, they were called "Starter Pack", "Starter Plus Pack", and there was a charging cable. The Starter Pack comes with a carrying case for the Switch, pouches for game cartridges, two screen protectors, and a screen cleaning cloth. The Starter Plus Pack comes with the same things as the Starter Pack, but also includes headphones. The charge cable, interestingly, is USB-A to USB-C cable which seems to confirm my recent suggestions that Nintendo would be smart to go with USB-C to allow for fast charging of the Switch.

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The next bit is a rumor: it comes from an anonymous source who talked to Let's Play Videogames' Laura K Dale who she says is involved with the upcoming hands-on press event by Nintendo for the Switch. The rumor they put forward is that the Switch does indeed perform better when it is in its dock and connected to your TV, but not because there is any extra processing being done by the dock itself. The rumor states that the boost in performance comes from a higher clock speed when docked accompanied by an additional fan that activates when docked to provide needed extra cooling. Because of the higher clock speed when docked, the Switch will then be able to play in 1080p resolutions, and the power and video will transfer from the USB-C connection on the console.

Another rumor from Let's Play Videogames is one dealing with a Dark Souls 3 port for the Switch. According to their source, "From Software has Dark Souls 3 running on the Nintendo Switch with a level of performance they are happy with. They have not committed to releasing it yet, but discussions internally at the company have discussed the financial viability of re-releasing the main three Dark Souls titles on the Switch with their DLC bundled in." They also say that From Software is waiting to see initial sales data for the Switch before committing, and if things look good they'll be aiming for the port to release at the same time as the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 get a version with all DLC included.

The hands on Nintendo Switch event is January 13, so we'll have to wait until then to see if this rumor turns out to be true. Keep an eye out for more accessories being listed publicly on websites by accident, because it's bound to happen again.

What kinds of accessories would you like to see with the Switch? Do you think the performance increase, if true, will help the Switch in being competitive in the console market?  Let us know in the comments!

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