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Published: January 10, 2017 11:04 PM /


Nintendo Switch

Today some of the Nintendo Switch's officially licensed accessories were discovered and posted to NeoGaf by user LordKano who got the leaked pictures from Twitter user @DroidXAce. The leak shows off a lot of accessories that you'll be able to buy for the Switch from accessory manufacturer Hori. All of the images show potential price points for the accessories as well.

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The list of accessories includes a charging dock that fits two Joy-Con controllers, attachments for the triggers and joysticks, a Compact Stand for the Switch itself, screen protectors, and cases. A lot of the accessories are pretty expected and common sense things you'd imagine a console would have available, but some of the accessories hint that Breath of the Wild might in fact be a launch title for the Switch.

There are also carrying cases for the Switch and Joy-Con controller and cases for the game cartridges, some that come in normal and Zelda styles. A car charger is also seen which will be perfect for traveling with the Switch. An arcade style gamepad was shown in the leak as well, which will be welcome to those in the eSports scene. Another interesting accessory is a LAN adapter, which, if accurate, would appear to indicate that the Nintendo Switch and base lack the ability for LAN natively, continuing with what Nintendo did with the Wii U.

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All these accessories seem to indicate that Nintendo wants to have a healthy market for peripherals that support the Switch, which is encouraging. It should be noted the prices, designs, and release dates of all of the accessories are not set in stone and could change. The accessories do seem to line up pretty well with previously leaked ones, but we'll have to wait to see if we'll get battery pack cases as predicted here.

What do you think of the leaked accessories? What kinds of accessories would you like to see for the Nintendo Switch that aren't here? Let us know in the comments!

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