Two New Monster Hunter Games Announced During Nintendo Direct

Published: September 17, 2020 10:08 AM /


The main logo for Monster Hunter: Rise

Two new Monster Hunter games are coming to the Switch. Monster Hunter: Rise boasts semi-open world locations and climbable surfaces, while Monster Hunter Stories 2 - Wings of Ruin is a followup to the popular critter-collecting spinoff.

What is Monster Hunter: Rise?

Taking its lead from Monster Hunter: World, Rise will offer players the chance to explore an open-world environment and take down monsters. Using Kamura Village as a base, you'll sally forth into the world and hunt creatures to craft new equipment and advance the story. Rise will feature a number of new monsters including the new flagship monster Magnamalo, a massive and powerful beast.

Magnamalo, the flagship monster in Monster Hunter: Rise
Monster Hunter: Rise's new flagship monster is the massive wyvern Magnamalo.

The main innovation in Rise - as well as the one that gives it its name - is the ability to sprint up walls and scale surfaces. There's also a new grappling bug called the Wirebug, which will allow you to reach hitherto impossible heights. The Wirebug will also feature in combat, allowing you to perform new abilities and combos when you're battling monsters. We're expecting more information about Monster Hunter: Rise in the coming weeks and months.

If you're interested in Monster Hunter: Rise, you've got two options: the base game and the Deluxe Edition. The latter will, of course, offer the full game, but will also come with some bonus DLC. If you pre-order either edition, you'll get additional items such as layered armor to enjoy. Monster Hunter Amiibo, which will be made available at GameStop locations in the US and EB Games in Canada, will also unlock more in-game extras.

How about Monster Hunter: Stories 2 - Wings of Ruin?

Monster Hunter: Stories 2- Wings of Ruin will launch in Summer 2021 for the Switch. Unlike the main series, you'll be befriending monsters and riding them in this game. A number of popular monsters from the main series including Rathalos and Anjanath will feature in Wings of Ruin. You are the descendant of legendary rider Red, and it's up to you to discover why Rathalos are disappearing from the world. Capcom says it's working hard to provide fans with a narrative "worthy of the series".

There will be elements connecting Monster Hunter: Rise with Stories 2. We're not sure what those elements will be just yet, but Capcom says it's hoping fans will enjoy both games as well as the connectivity between them. More details will be revealed regarding Wings of Ruin at TGS 2020 on September 25th and September 26th, so as soon as we know more about this new Monster Hunter game, we'll let you know.

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