[Rumor] Lunatic-Hai Relocating to LA for Overwatch League

Gaming article by Ben Pollock on Thursday, August 17, 2017 - 08:30

Earlier this week, reports from Jacob Wolf ESPN reporter, emerged that South Korean powerhouse Lunatic-Hai would be temporarily moving to Los Angeles. This would be to compete in the Overwatch League, representing KSV eSports and Seoul. The team will begin their move once OGN Apex Season 4 finishes and will play a part of the up and coming Overwatch League. While the deal with KSV eSports, owners of the Seoul franchise spot, is not official but a deal is underway to make it come to fruition.

Who is KSV eSports?

Kevin Chou Co-Founder of KSV eSports
Kevin Chou, Co-Founder of KSV eSports

KSV eSports is the organization co-founded by Kevin Chou, Co-founder and former CEO of Mobile game developer Kabam, owners of the Seoul Overwatch League franchise spot. It was announced, that he planned to sign an all-Korean roster and staff. He also mentioned that it would be announced in the next few weeks with all teams having till October 31st to finalize their rosters.

Who is Lunatic-Hai?

Ryujehong representing Lunatic-Hai at Apex
Ryujehong representing Lunatic-Hai at Apex

Lunatic-Hai is arguably the best Overwatch team in the world as to this date. Back to back OGN Apex titles cemented any doubts that the competitive Overwatch community had. Currently, they aim to defend their title for the third time at OGN season 4. As of now, Lunatic Hai possesses one of the strongest squads in the world that have been together since the start of Overwatch eSports. With star players Miro, Ryujehong, Tobi, and EsCa representing the core. Lunatic-Hai have added players over time to improve the squad to where it is now.

Current Lunatic-Hai Roster (16/8/2017):

  • Miro - Gong Jin-hyuk - Tank
  • Zunba - Kim Joob Hyuk - Flex
  • EscA - Kim In-jae - DPS
  • Gido - Moon Gi-do - DPS
  • Ryujehong - Ryu Je-hong - Support
  • Tobi - Yang Jin-mo - Support
  • Whoru - Lee Seung Joon - DPS - Bench
  • LEETAEJUN - Lee Tae-jun - DPS/Flex - Bench

What's next for the Overwatch League?

Overwatch League Promotional Picture
Which players will be in the Overwatch League?

With the Overwatch League expected to be underway later this year, it is no surprise that many teams are underways in signing potential rosters. With big name investors in the fray with 20 million dollar investments and more announcements from Nate Nanzer, Overwatch League Commissioner, you will have to expect that significant changes are far from over in Overwatch eSports.

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